Many people love a white Christmas and driving on snowy roads. But all that snow and ice can spell doom for your car. Even for experienced drivers, winter is a difficult time with the very icy conditions and low visibility proving to be a nightmare even during simple car trips, even the safest routes can be something you don’t expect to see. The rate of accidents and breakdowns tend to increase during the festive season, and you have to do a number of things to ensure that your used car remains safe to drive during winter. You might have got a PPSR Certificate for your used vehicle to ensure it safe to purchase, but you need to know that even brand new vehicles can break down in winter without sufficient care. Used cars need that extra amount of care. Here are a few things that you need to look after in your used car. 

Check the fluid levels

It is always a good idea that you check your water, brake fluid and oil levels, given that these are some of the main elements that ensure your car runs smoothly. 

Inspect the tires properly

Check the tire tread and pressure, given that you need your tires to be secure on icy roads during the winter season. Even with the ideal tire pressure, ice can still be a hazard, so whilst preparing, you may also want to ensure you have a stock of white rock salt for deicing access roads and car parking areas too. 

Use anti-freeze 

Make sure that you add anti-freeze to your windscreen washer fluid and radiator, so as to ensure any dirt and slush tossed from the road do not hinder your vision. Choose the right one from our list of the top anti-freezes and coolants here on CarBibles.

Keep your car battery charged 

You should also ensure that the battery of your car is fully charged, given that winter puts the battery under more strain than during other times of the year. Cold and dark days need your heater and lights more frequently. To look a little deeper into good batteries visit this url.

Monitor the brakes

The brakes are another area that you need to monitor. Car brakes are important, particularly when you drive during the winter season, given that you are likelier to skid. Thus, you need solid brakes to be able to prevent accidents. Poor visibility is also an issue. Thus, it is important to keep a safe distance from the vehicle before you – so that you can apply brakes with success in icy weather. 

You need to check the extent of wear in your brakes a minimum of 2 times a year, which can let you save expenses and also avoid serious accidents. You need to be habituated to visual inspection of your brake pads and discs, which can prove to be worthy enough. There is no need for you to be as skilled as a mechanic. You can generally look through the wheel gaps and check the brake pads to simply look at the disc surface. While a small amount of scoring or wear lines is normal, a shiny uniform surface running to the inner core from the outer edge indicates acceptable, normal wear. You should also try to hear whether there are any squeaking sounds, or rust. If you happen to be in doubt, take your vehicle to the garage and get it inspected by a professional mechanic.