Having already been a beloved British pastime for decades, Bingo’s transition online is boosting the game’s popularity to new heights. The newfound accessibility has captivated swathes of players who wouldn’t have ever dreamt of visiting a Bingo hall. 

This has allowed the hobby to shed its unjust reputation as a game for old ladies. Bingo is now rightly recognised as something that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or gender. 

This includes sports fans, with whom many elements of Bingo will naturally resonate. Competitiveness and heavy socialising are integral to both Bingo as well as conventional sports, showing surprising parallels between the two. 

Previous attempts to reach the sports fan have been made by various companies. This includes the Bingo sponsorships worn by Coventry and Sunderland. 

Not convinced? This article explains in detail why sports fans will love Bingo as well as how they can get started playing. 

Why Sports Fans Will Love Online Bingo

At the heart of every sport is the fierce competition that makes the matches and rivalries so exciting to watch. Bingo is similarly competitive, with the battle to become the sole winner central to the game’s fun. 

Secondly, there exists in Bingo a strong social element and sense of community akin to that of sports. Camaraderie and socialising are equally as important as the game itself, with many players forging countless lasting friendships.

This is especially true of Bingo, whose players have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming. The integrated chat feature is always brimming with active players and benign chatter. 

Bingo also offers a cheaper, more entertaining way for sports fans to satisfy the urge many feel for the occasional punt. Tickets for some games can be bought for as little as 1p and are far more engaging than an accumulator or slot. 

Furthermore, online Bingo sites are famous for having generous deals and promotions. Even small deposits can be more than tripled, giving new players plenty of cash with which to get started. 

This includes generous reward schemes for frequent players, so playing more often carries bigger rewards. Others can be played totally free, allowing for new players to familiarise themselves without spending a penny. 

Lastly, variation is another of the game’s strengths. Just as in sports, each type holds unique characters that appeal to different individuals. 

Choose Your Game

Those new to Bingo will probably be unaware of the different varieties that exist. Before getting started, it’s best to explore some of these to see which most takes your fancy.

Each of the different games will have different winning conditions, including unique patterns needed to win each prize stage. Understanding these is crucial, as Bingo isn’t always as simple as it seems.

Speed Bingo

Involving far fewer balls than over variants, ‘speed bingo’ is played using only 30. With calling ‘Bingo!’ only needing nine numbers, this variation is ideal for players short on time.

However, unlike the other types, no prize is given to the first to complete a column or row. 


America’s favourite, 75-ball is the most widely played in the United States. The tickets contain a 5×5 grid, with the middle square left blank, meaning only numbers are 24 needed to win. 

The first player to complete a full row is awarded as well as the ultimate winner. 


Online Bingo spawned the 80-ball variation, which is the standard on most sites. This is played on a 4×4 card, totalling 16 needed to win. 

Similar to 75-ball, each vertical column is restricted to a number range. The first may contain 1-20, the second 21-30, and so on. 

Many versions of 80-ball Bingo use unique winning combinations rather than the first to complete a horizontal or vertical line. This includes the first to mark all four corners or all four inside squares. 


The UK’s favourite version of Bingo is 90-ball. The most popular worldwide and containing the most numbers, this version offers the most opportunity to win. 

Played on an atypical 9×3 grid, a standard card randomly displays five numbers across each row, totalling 15 overall. Games generally offer three chances to win.  

Completing a horizontal row and the first two horizontal rows is rewarded in addition to obtaining a full house.  

Music Bingo

Music bingo uses songs instead of balls for a fresh spin on the standard format. Players are played snippets of a song that correspond to a letter on a card.  

A 75-song would require quite the large playlist, thankfully, there are apps to make hosting this variation easier. 


For those looking for something different, Slingo is a creative amalgamation on slots and Bingo. Reserved to single player, this game is tailored towards fans of both.  

Learn the Rules 

Although Bingo has a simple basic premise, there are some nuances to be understood before jumping in. Jackpotjoy’s helpful tutorial on how to play online bingo is perfect for newcomers seeing a bingo ticket for the first time. 

This includes a breakdown of the features, basic rules and different types.

Sports Fans Should Give Bingo a Try 

At first glance Bingo holds little appeal to conventional sports fans. The lively, laddish culture is seemingly at odds with the less intense nature of Bingo. 

In reality, there are several elements present in both communities, holding mutual appeal between the two. As a sports fan, there’s no reason not to give Bingo a go and join the millions playing worldwide.