Too little, too late. Steph Curry wasn’t going to let Durant go without getting the chance to talk to him in person first. Unfortunately the clock ran out of time. 

Via The Athletic:

Curry hopped a plane in Shanghai (where he was doing a tour with Under Armour) and flew directly to the New York area to talk to Durant, hopefully before he made his free-agent decision.

Curry was too late. According to Thompson, Curry found out about Durant signing with the Nets while he was in flight.  But the plane continued its journey to New York, and when it got there, he reportedly met with Durant anyway. Not to angrily shake his fist at Durant for choosing the Nets, but to thank him.

Curry went to have one last moment with Durant as teammates. To tell him one more time how much he appreciated him for the three years they had. They’d won two championships together. Dominated the league together. Made history together. He was there to wish Durant happiness and peace, express his support for his decision. And when Curry got to Durant’s apartment in Manhattan, Durant confirmed to Curry his decision that their time together was over. Face to face. Man to man. Friend to friend.

The original purpose of Curry’s trip was to try to persuade Durant to stay with the Warriors, but not through any hard-sell recruiting.

The relationship between Curry and Durant may be one of the reasons Durant chose to move on. 

According to the report, it wasn’t the type of close relationship, both on and off the court, that Durant sought.

Geesh, Durant is a weird dude. 

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