How the E-bike Revolutionized Cycling

99% of the e-bikes sold are pedelecs. That means they only release electricity and support the rider when they pedal. Pedelecs reach a top speed of 25 km/h and don’t wait for being approved. The situation is different with a real e-bike. Here, you ride without pedal support. Due to the maximum possible speed of 45 km/h, they are equated with a moped. But, real e-bikes are rarely offered. However, since the term has become firmly established in general usage, we will now speak of e-bikes and not of pedelecs.

The advantages of an e-bike are obvious:

  • In the city, you are usually faster with the e-bike than with the car.
  • Even larger distances can be covered without any problems.
  • Mountains no longer make you sweat.
  • The electric bike keeps you fit.
  • E-bikes produce less exhaust gas and less noise.

Aren’t those points enough for you to be interested in buying such a vehicle?

How Environmentally-friendly is the E-bike?

Just leave the car and go to work by bike instead. We all know that we would do the environment a big favor that way. Nevertheless, convenience often wins: the thought of having to pedal hard early in the morning prevents us from putting our plans into practice. Since e-bikes have been around, this excuse no longer counts — but are we really doing something good for the environment by riding an e-bike?

To be able to assess the environmental friendliness of an e-bike, let’s take a look at the ecological balance issue. Electronics cannot be obtained from sustainable sources only: CO2 is emitted during the manufacture of e-bikes. Because of these emissions, a conventional bicycle initially stays greener, of course. Each of the ebikes under 2000$ also needs more resources in the course of its existence, that’s for sure and certain. Nevertheless, an e-bike is, of course, much more environmentally friendly than a car, scooter, or another conventional vehicle. That is why many people decide to buy two electric bikes that will replace the car whenever possible. So, people not only work on their fitness but also protect the environment.

What Does an E-bike maintenance Cost?

In terms of cost, pedelecs and e-bikes are always worthwhile. If you include the follow-up costs for a new battery that has to be changed sooner or later, experts speak of one euro per charge. If you want to live environmentally conscious, charge the battery of your e-bike with green electricity. Compared to cars, motorbikes or scooters, the e-bike is far ahead in terms of environmental compatibility. The emissions from battery production and recycling are covered after 100 kilometers if you use the e-bike instead of the car.

Spoiled for Choice: Which E-bike Suits Me?

The selection is huge. To make the right choice, you should know your driving behavior. Are you looking for an e-bike for your office rides, for shopping, or are you planning e-bike tours over the Alps lasting several days? The lovers of e-bike trekking, mountain biking, and bicycle racing should rely on powerful models that are perfectly tailored to their needs. For example, a long-range one would be desirable for crossing the Alps, and the e-bike should be light for a comfortable race. A folding bike model can be a useful option for the city. An electric tricycle helps people with restricted mobility to move quickly and safely in everyday life.

By the way, employers often grant a subsidy on company bikes. Attractive offers make expensive e-bikes affordable and your way to work — greener!

Turning a Bicycle into an E-bike

Are you looking at your bike and wondering if it could be transfigured into an electric bike? Almost every bike can do that. You should still inform yourself in advance from the specialist whether your bike is technically suitable for such a transformation. If an expert gives the green light, you have two options: either you buy a conversion kit and carry out the retrofitting yourself, or you entrust the bicycle to the professional to do the magic. The conversion is not cheap and usually costs several hundred dollars. Whoever hires a specialist must put more than a thousand dollars on the table. In the end, high-quality conversion solutions are often as expensive as a new e-bike.

But it is not just a question of price, whether the conversion is worth it. The initial quality of the bike, the demands of the rider, and the warranty should also be considered. What speaks for the conversion without question is the sustainability aspect. If you have your bike converted to an e-bike, you are making optimum use of the resources that were needed to manufacture it. The longer a product is used, the lower the environmental impact.

E-bike Insurance for All Cases

When it comes to e-bike insurance, the type of vehicle is crucial. For a real e-bike, you have to take out separate insurance. This rule does not apply to a pedelec. Since an electric bicycle is always a very expensive purchase, theft is particularly annoying. E-bike theft insurance is usually included in household insurance. However, the services vary from provider to provider. Therefore, check whether the insurance cover applies to the e-bikes on the go.

E-bike — a Real Alternative

Here is a conclusion. The electric bike has arrived on the US bike paths. It is not only practical, but it also protects the environment — operated with green electricity, the e-bike gives you a completely green conscience. Don’t forget your helmet!