The wait is finally over and the NFL season has just begun … we are just in pre-season, but the regular season is near and with that the emotions of Sunday, NFL predictions, statistics and previews, family life and all the excitement this wonderful sport brings.

Every season, one way in which my brothers and I prefer each season is to put some good choices and in this first publication I want to explain a few things.

I always want to start the season by explaining the basic requirements of the betting world, also NFL consensus picks so you can understand what is explained without problems.

First of all, when I mention the word “Select”, I mean my choice or estimation for a particular game, for example in a game that should be the New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills where the line at -7 is for Patriots, my choice is Patriots-7.

This brings us to the second explanation: What does it mean -7 in the Patriots?

That is the dotted line or Mummy, as they call it in the casino, the favorite team will always have fewer points and non-favorites or “Underdogs”, because those who are known in the language of betting, will have extra points.

For example, continue with the same game, if the Patriots have -7, Bills have +7, that is, if we bet on the Patriots, they must win by more than 7 points to win. If they lose by less than 7 points, we will still lose. If a 7-point gap occurs, it is considered “Push” or “Draw”, a condition without a winner or loser, the casino must return us the money we bet.

Over and Under

This betting line is determined by the bookmaker and varies according to each match, the other forms of betting in the NFL are “Over” and “Under”. It’s about betting on how many points are scored in the game, adding points scored from both teams.

Bets also determine the dotted lines for each match, following the same example, in the proper confrontation between the Patriots and the Bills, suppose that the over and under lines of 45.5 points are determined. If we bet on over our team must score 46 points or more in a match to win our bet and if we bet on under, our team must score 45 points or less to win it in this case. In many cases, going to the draw line is difficult. Balance is something that casinos usually prevent by putting a line with decimal points. This action is done to avoid a draw, in other words you only win or lose.

Money line

There is also a market called “Money Line” where you only bet on the winner of the game, regardless of the dotted line, in this mode if we bet on favorites, the winnings will be lower and if we bet on non-favorites, returns are bigger.

The existence of “favorites” and “not favorites” is the reason why betting on the NFL is quite complicated where the winnings are not only determined by “winning” and “losing” but also by the difference in the acquisition of numbers. This is “made worse” by the actions of some casinos who manipulate “Draw”. If you still want to bet on the NFL, I advise you to contact because its NFL experts has had a positive ROI for the last 5 years (betting on money line, spreads and totals).