There can be a million reasons why golf lovers cannot put daily practice into their game. Be it a strict “no club” policy or are long to-do lists. Like any sports, if you are not putting daily efforts in your game you have little chances to improve it as well. However, there are few tricks for smart golf which can keep your skill polished even when you are out of practice.

Commonly, most golfers don’t put much thought into their game. If you keep certain things in mind, you will avoid making some silly mistakes while you are taking the stroke. Even if you are updating your pieces of equipment or spending money to improve your game, you cannot underestimate the importance of golf course strategy to lower your scores. First and foremost the player needs to know their swings and the hits. Here are some skills you can put in practice so that you can improve your game and play smart.

  1. Pick your target and be precise: precision is a great aspect of golf. For a clean game you need very precise and small targets. At the end of the day, it means that if you aim small, you will miss small as well and it is applicable for every shot in the game. The wider the target more mistakes are more likely to be made. For example, while you are aiming at to tree, you need to pick up a specific part where you are aiming and not the tree as a whole. Always keep in mind which part of your aim you are going to hit. This keeps your mind focused and perks up your awareness about the situation that you are facing. It is better to pick up a divot that is at least 3 feet ahead of your ball or target. It can be anything but it helps you to focus much more and your body automatically positions itself with the line of your target. Keep in mind that the smaller target needs to be within your peripheral vision when you are taking the shot. 
  2.  Play for Pin High Approach Shots: for your success, you must hit an approach short which can cover that holds distance that you need to carry the short. This is irrelevant to your height or whether you are on the left or right of the green. There is a relation between the approach shot for hitting, that reaches the flag or passes it and the ending up a shot for your score. One of the common mistakes golfers do is trying to take their “career” shot. You need to choose a certain club which you can swing comfortable and it is better to carry an extra stick with you. The club should be able to hit an average carry distance. Try to find a normal swing and avoid aggressive swings and for this, it is better to opt for a second club. 
  3.  Stick in the middle of the green: there are many holes which are found in front of the green or on either side to create trouble. You are more prone to miss a shot if the pins are somewhere closer to the obstruct. However, you can easily avoid this mistake. What is important is that you need to figure out where you are going to hit your approach shots. Even with a little practice, you can play better. Always keep in mind that you have to aim for the middle of the green. This way you can avoid the worst-case scenario where your ball is not at all on the green. At worst the ball will be lying somewhere on the green but that is a better position than the letter. Instead of a sucker pin or a simple play in terms of the middle of the green, it is better to be in to putt range which enables you to avoid troubles on your with side. 

  4. Get familiar with the course: this is a part which every golfer should keep in mind to avoid a sticky game. You might be tempted to take a drive or a corner but you might end up in a situation that you could not foresee. You might end up putting your shot in a situation without realizing it or overestimating it. You need to get to know your course very well from different angles so that you can take a shot. You need to come up with strategic decisions for lowers scores. If you are not sure about a short which you can’t execute, it is better to avoid them as this can affect the game later. Get to know your yardages and pinpoint your landmarks so that you can take a clear shot you are attempting to execute. Observe what is in play and what is not. Place your landmarks in the direct line with the target line you are taking. However, it should not be reachable as you need to have a green light so that you can take a dead am at your landmark. Get to know the slopes and plan out their advantages. You have to utilize the slopes as per your need and even avoid them at certain stages to save some stroke. Golf cart will also help you to level up your game, though golf cart batteries do require to be replaced once in a year or two.
  5. Stick to your strengths: choose the right clubs to execute your shorts properly. It is OK to give some yards so that you can keep the short in play. Even if you attempt a difficult shot from a cricket position you might end up with the double-digit score but the rest of your round can become worthless. Stick to the yardages that you are familiar with and comfortable with. 


If you can make the proper decision at the right time, you are playing smart. It doesn’t require superhuman strength or excessive knowledge but a basic understanding of the whole game.