When you’re passionate about golf, it makes sense to practice your swing every chance you get. But of course, your swing is not the only thing you should improve.

Practicing your putts until you become an excellent putter will give you more confidence on the greens. It could even make you enjoy golf even more than you already do!

Are you ready to start? Whether you consider yourself a beginner or a pro, these seven tips will show you how to be a better putter.

  1. Spend a lot of time practicing your putts

Practice makes perfect, so if you want to be a better putter, you must spend a lot of time practicing your putts. Practice from different distances to better understand the speed and strength you need to reach the hole. This is regardless of where your ball is.

Remember that getting the ball into the hole should take less than three putts. If it takes you three putts or more, your score will suffer. Your goal is to improve reaching the hole with two putts, so spend time practicing your putts more than 20 feet away from it.

  1. Relax and feel comfortable

You don’t want to be stiff, rigid, and worried about your performance when putting. You will be a better putter if you relax and place yourself comfortably.

Remember to bend your knees slightly. Bend your body at the waist, and let your arms hang naturally to grip your golf club. This will help you achieve a smooth and consistent stroke, making you more likely to be satisfied with each putt.

Part of feeling comfortable involves getting the proper equipment. Some people enjoy new gear, while others prefer the familiarity of used putters. Either way, find equipment that makes you feel comfortable.

  1. Work on building a consistent stroke

Whether you naturally have a short stroke or a long one, what matters is that your stroke is consistent from one putt to another. To be a better putter, you must build a consistent stroke by paying attention to your pace and alignment.

To improve your pace, get into the habit of repeated repetitions. Make sure your movements are smooth and even.

As for your alignment, you can use an alignment stick to help you set your body and putter face properly, so the ball goes where you want it to move.

  1. Visualize a good putt

If you spend time improving your stroke consistency, you won’t have to worry about it when it’s time to roll a putt.

Simply get into a comfortable posture, and right before you putt, visualize where your ball will go, what it will do, and where it will stop. Then, go ahead and hit the ball.

You might be surprised to see it do exactly what you imagined. Or maybe it won’t. But what matters is you were not stressed out about your stroke as you were putting.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to other putters

Unless you’re a pro getting ready for an upcoming tournament, you shouldn’t put any pressure on yourself. After all, golf is supposed to be fun!

Above all, don’t compare yourself to other putters, whether it’s your friend or your favourite golfer of all time.

It’s a much better idea to compete against yourself and improve your score over time. This is how you will become a better putter and golfer overall.

  1. Don’t try to putt like other putters

Just like you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, you shouldn’t try to replicate what they do.

If you are playing with a few friends and you see one of them roll a great putt, don’t try to replicate what they’ve done. What works for one putter might not work for you.

Instead, trust yourself and your stroke, and do your best.

  1. Get better at reading greens

Finally, to become a better putter, you must also read greens better. With time, you should get used to the feel of the slopes. You should assess which way your ball will break and how much speed it should gain.

When approaching a green, look at the big picture. Notice where the green tilts and where there are high and low points. And whenever you’re about to putt, ask yourself whether your ball will go up or downhill.

The more you pay attention to these details, the easier reading greens will get. And once you are adept at reading greens, you should be a better and more confident putter.