Cricket has forever been a much loved sport in India. People of all ages love it in the country and it is a sport that has united the people. However, cricket betting was banned in India till the recent years as public gambling is a punishable offence in india. However, the scenario has changed now and anyone can beit live cricket on their smartphone apps now. 

Online betting is still legal in the country as there are no distinct laws for it. Many people, especially youngsters opt for the betting apps for betting in IPL or other formats of cricket. There are a lot of apps like the Parimatch bet app which you can download on your smartphone and indulge into betting live cricket. 

The betting apps might be different but the basic process of usage remains the same. Here are all the details you need to know if you have a plan for an IPL bet. 

Open an account on the betting app: You need to open an account in the betting app to be able to bet on live cricket. Try to choose a top-ranking betting company or app like Parimatch. Always beware of the fake apps and avoid choosing them to remain safe against situations like bank data leakage. 

Follow the process of registration: After you open an account for live cricket betting, you need to go through a registration process. After it is done, you can place you IPL bet on it easily. Generally, the app might require the data like your email id, phone number and an identification proof. 

Check the features provided by the app: After you are done with the  Parimatch bookmakers android app download and the registration process is over, check the features available on it. This is an important thing you need to execute, no matter which app you download’.

Check the payment structure: Generally, the online betting apps have a large network and the payment structure can vary accordingly. Moreover, most betting apps demand a deposit money from the user. 

Before betting on such apps for live cricket, you should check the procedure of depositing money on the app. Furthermore, you should check how you can withdraw the money you win while winning a bet. 

Go through the bets you can put money on:  When it comes to betting on live cricket in India, there are a lot of formats of the game and each has their own specified rules. If you are dealing with IPL betting, consider the types of bets you can play on. 

In most of the cases, it is not only the win or a wicket on which you can lock a bet. Excellent bettors often bet on the runs on a powerplay or the total runs that will be scored at the end of a specific over. 

These bets are always interesting and easily accessible as they take a short span of time. If you are a new bettor playing on IPL cricket betting on an app, you must deposit less amount of money.  Likewise it will be better for you to bet on games which have a small capital money. 

Note the conveniences: Most live cricket betting apps give exciting conveniences to the users. In most cases, it is a certain amount of cash bonus that is automatically deposited on the user’s account. 

On the Parimatch betting app you can get upto Rs.8000 as deposit amount. In other apps, the amount might vary a lot. Some apps can also give you a deposit money according to the frequency of the app usage. 

Precautions to take for betting on live cricket

Here are some precautions that you need to take while betting on cricket. Go through it as you can understand the secrets to winning a large amount of money. 

Know the game:  It is very important for you to know the game of cricket before you bet on it. The lack of proper knowledge of the game can lead you to lose a lot of money. Follow multiple seasons of the game:  If you are willing to bet on cricket, it is always recommended to watch a few sessions of the game. In case of an IPL betting, you can start following the season from the time when bidding on players take place. 

Always try to indulge into betting in the later half of the season if you are willing to be a better on IPL.

Final Words 

In India, many people still consider a cricket bettor as a bookie but betting on a game and fixing a game are two completely different things. In the present day, you can personally bet on a cricket game as you can access the network through the app. You can even make a community of your own and bet on the game. However, your primary work is to ensure safety for your money and banking data.