The majority of new players believe that betting at bookmakers’ offices is a quick and relatively simple method to get wealthy. However, after a string of losing bets, excitement fades, and with it, the whole investment. Make sure you read this information if you don’t want to make the same mistakes as others. Experts with years of expertise will teach you how to gamble and win the right way: you’ll learn how to analyse sporting events, discover advantageous odds, and remain in the black from afar.

How to start playing in a bookmaker’s office

Do not be tempted to place a wager as soon as you register! To begin, it is important to grasp the concept of “matchmaking”: to comprehend the concept of an online bookmaker and to master the language of sports betting. Beginner bettors make the most ridiculous mistakes because of a misunderstanding of terminology and notations. Another way to lose is to be unable to understand quotations in the event line. We’ll go through everything in depth so your money doesn’t go after a few wagers.

In brief: How to make your first bet in a bookmaker?

Open a betting account with a bookmaker. Make a deposit and you’ll be eligible for a welcome bonus. Choose an event and a result on which to wager. Make a wagering slip and fill in the amount. Confirm your wager and await the outcome. Choose the reliable bookmaker you can for example on this site

What a beginner needs to know: basic concepts in betting

Before knowing how and where it is better to bet on sports, it is necessary to master the terminology. Let’s start with the basics – the definition of “Bookmaker”. Once upon a time this word was used to call people taking bets from gamblers who argue about the result of an event. And these disputes do not necessarily relate to sports matches. Most bets were made on the results of horse races and dog races. Today, a bookmaker (bookmaker’s office, BK) is often called a specialized Internet site, which performs the same function, namely – receiving money from gamblers who wish to make a bet.

Formally, the bettor is trying to beat the bookmaker, but in fact he makes a bet with other clients of the same office, which bet on the opposite outcome of the event. And the bookmaker is an intermediary in these disputes, who takes money from both bettors and then gives the winnings to the winner.

A bet made on the outcome of an event is called a bet. In modern bookmakers’ offices, players can make bets of different types, depending on the number of selected outcomes. If one outcome is selected and the entire bet amount is placed on it, the bet is called a single (“single” or “single”). Another common type of bet is called “express”. In this case, the bet amount is placed on several outcomes included in one slip.

Coupon or basket is called the section of the bookmaker’s website, in which the bets are made. Exactly in the coupon, the player enters the amount of bet and finds out the amount of potential winnings. In the coupons of different betting companies there is a functionality for quick betting on a fixed amount of money (100, 200, 500 INR).

Placement of a bet in a bookmaker’s coupon

All sports events, the outcomes of which can be bet on, are in the bookmaker’s line, which is conventionally divided into pre-match (bets before the event) and in-play (bets during the event). On the main page of the site almost always placed the main line, which includes the most popular bookmaker events from the world of sports. The main line usually offers the main outcomes – the victory of the first team, a draw, the victory of the second team. Less often here you can find the total (number of goals) and a handicap (a conventional advantage of one team over the other).

By clicking on any sporting event you can open the spreadsheet. This term refers to all outcomes (markets, marquets) within one match, on which the bookmaker accepts bets. The more outcomes are available for betting, the more varied and wider the line of the bookmaker’s office. Beginners are recommended to bet on the main outcomes.

In the list of sporting events all outcomes are accompanied by numbers (often – in the form of decimals). These numbers are called odds, and they indicate the probability of winning when betting on a particular outcome. The smaller is the number – the higher is the probability of the bet passing, but the smaller is the amount of potential winnings. For example, a bet of 1000 rubles on an outcome with odds 1.10 will give the player a net profit of 100 rubles if he wins. If to bet the same 1000 rubles at odds 2.50, the net profit will be 1500 rubles (1000*2.50 minus the bet amount).

Bookmaker’s margin is exactly what the office earns on. It makes no difference to the bookmaker what the result of the match will be: he will get his “commission” from each player who has made a bet. We will talk about this in more detail when we look at how a bookmaker’s office works.

Types of bets on sports

The number of bets offered by modern bookmakers is sometimes difficult to count. In some shops you can bet even on the number of jerks committed by a player during a match. But it is not recommended for beginners to bet on such exotics. In addition, the bookmaker’s margin on such outcomes is usually off the charts. We will talk about the most common bets.


A system bet is a combined bet that includes several expressions. Unlike a traditional parlay, this bet can play even if individual selections do not play. The system must include at least three selections. Here is an example: in the line, we select four outcomes in different events and add them to the betting slip. If the functionality of the online bookmaker allows you to form a system, choose this type of betting. Our bet with the size of 3 out of 4 will be winning, if three selections out of the four made will play.