If you are looking for a new method of cannabis consumption, the Lady Jane store has a lot of options for you. This high-class Canadian vendor of products that include cannabis components offers a great list of different ways to use cannabis. One of the most popular novelties is a THC syringe Canada.

THC distillates come as concentrated substances containing 90% and more of high-quality cannabis. This product is obtained through the process of short-path distillation, which separates cannabis elements and purifies them. Therefore, it is possible to receive a 100% clean THC Cannabinoid. The purity of the finished substance is very high, which allows experiencing the influence of THC distillates in one minute or even faster.

It is convenient that you can use these distillates for cooking and filling up your cartridges and vapes. In order to do that, it makes sense to purchase the product in a syringe. A syringe simplifies the whole process of consuming because it allows filling up a cartridge within a short time (about one minute). Moreover, it is very simple to receive and change a syringe, and this product is quite cheap.

Why You Should Choose Lady Jane

The top-notch store Lady Jane has an attractive catalog of cannabis goods and a lot of satisfied clients. The Lady Jane platform offers the most important things every buyer is looking for: high quality of products and a wide choice of propositions. It is possible to find hash, weed vapes, concentrates, CBD goods, mushrooms, pre-rolls, and edibles for sale on the official website.

Furthermore, Lady Jane gives a unique chance to try cannabis in multiple flavors. For example, THC distillates come as:

  • Animal Cookies
  • Cherry Taste
  • Cherry Pie Taste
  • Lemon Mist
  • Mango Taste
  • Orange Taste

Be sure that this list can be expanded. Do not miss your chance to try different tastes!