Shapwear bodysuits are amazing pieces to wear under your clothes. These make you slim and more attractive. Seamless shapewear is a blessing to have in your wardrobe. 

You can buy many wonderful bodysuits from Feelingirl where you have a variety that’s huge and exciting. But, despite buying the best quality bodysuits, you can still see wear and tear after a while if you don’t take proper care. These are delicate and deserve very good care. 

So, here are some tips to make your shapewear bodysuits last longer. 

1. Hand Wash

Don’t throw your Feelingirl bodysuits into the washing machine. I know it’s quicker, much easier, and so much more convenient, but the appliance can ruin these delicate undergarments. So, take some time out and make just a little effort to hand wash these premium pieces.

Also, you should use the right temperature of water. Very hot water can reduce the life of your bodysuits. So, luke warm will be perfect. Plus, don’t go overboard with the detergent. Use just enough quantity to wash off the dirt. You should also use mild detergents to make sure harsh chemicals don’t ruin the fabric. 

So, keep in mind these washing tips and your bodysuits will be your perfect companions for long. 

2. Air Dry

After you wash your Feelingirl shapewear pieces, don’t follow the urge to dry them quickly in the dryer. The machine will ruin the shape and material. So, just let them air dry nicely. It might take longer in winters, but the drying will be really quick in the summer season. 

3. Rotate your Bodysuits 

You probably have different kinds of bodysuits in your wardrobe. A full-length piece, a thong bodysuit, women’s v neck bodysuit, and other varieties. So, you should wear these in rotation. Wearing the same one every day will obviously wear it out sooner. But, wearing a different piece will give the other ones a rest during the week. Plus, you will be able to come up with a new look and style every day. 

4. Store Properly

If you want to keep your bodysuits in good shape, store them properly. If you have a tummy control thong bodysuit or any other kind, don’t hang them in the closet because that way they might be stretched too much and lose their elasticity. So, fold them up nicely and put them flat in the cupboard. But when you fold them, do it gently. Smooth them out to remove wrinkles. 

5. Do Regular Inspection

Do check your bodysuits every now and then. See if the elasticity is still perfect, there are no wrinkles, and the material is still intact. If you catch small issues, you can fix them on time. Also, if you see some damage has begun, you can start being more careful while washing, storing, and wearing to avoid more damage to the piece. 

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your bodysuits is not difficult at all. Just wash them with hand, air dry, them and store them properly. This way, your pieces will last longer and you can keep enjoying the benefits for a long time.