Considering the many reports of insecurities, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the average citizen to feel safe. 

So owning a firearm for personal or home defence at this time is not only a wise decision, it is also the best decision you’ll ever make. 

Now, it can get quite confusing when it comes to choosing a firearm, knowing fully well that you’d be entrusting your life and safety to it. 

Fortunately, choosing a firearm is not such an arduous task, it just requires proper and careful selection.

To aid you in your choice of choosing a firearm that can guarantee your safety at any time, this article will examine different factors to look out for before choosing your firearm.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Firearm

Here, you find the few factors that you should put into consideration when getting a firearm.


Gun size is one important factor that should not be neglected or ignored when choosing a firearm. 

Considering that you’d be needing the firearm for self and home defence, you’d not be needing long guns and AKs. 

So, for easy mobility and comfort, handguns will be the most preferred choice for personal and home defence. 

These handguns are divided into different types. The subcompact, compact-sized and full-size handguns. 

For safety measures, you should probably do away with acquiring a subcompact handgun because of its low capacity, lack of power and inability for proper grip and control. It’s a bad choice for beginners. 

Also, to get an effective performance of the compact and full-sized handguns, it’s most preferable that you use the compact handgun for carrying and personal use, while the full-sized handgun can be used for home defence.


Although handguns have a significantly lower stopping power, it’s still the best choice for personal and home defence. The primary reason for owning a firearm for self and home defence is to protect yourself from threats. 

Luckily, technology has made it so that the .9mm and the .45 ACP have almost the same stopping power. So there’s no need to choose the .45 ACP although it has a greater stopping power over the .9mm. But the .9mm is most preferred by users because of its less recoil, better and higher velocity that makes it easier to hit its target.  

For assurance that choosing the .9mm doesn’t deprive you of any special benefits whatsoever, both the .9mm and the .45 ACP are used by law enforcement. This means you just have to engage in constant training to get the best results.


Your ability to conceal your firearm depends largely on your choice of firearm. The full-sized handgun will make it difficult for you to conceal. That’s why when you’re on the go, it is most preferable that you use a compact size handgun. 

Also, before you own a firearm, you have to make sure that your mode of dressing suits the new asset (firearm) you’re about to acquire and if it doesn’t, then change your mode of dressing. 

Owning a firearm doesn’t require you to wear tight-fitting clothes as this leaves prints off the gun and makes it visible to public eyes. This also makes you a potential threat to others which is not the goal of owning a firearm.

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When looking for the best handgun to acquire, consider the features of the firearm. It is most preferable for new users to acquire a firearm with internal safety. This enables you to manoeuvre your way around it easily and get rid of any potential threat. 

Also, ensure that the firearm you’re getting comes with night sights. It will speak badly of you if you become a victim of any threat simply because you weren’t able to use your firearm in the dark. The night sights don’t necessarily have to come with the firearm as it can be bought and fixed by a gunsmith.

Bottom line

In today’s society, surviving is for only the bravest and the fittest. So acquiring a firearm for your home and personal safety doesn’t make you a villain as it helps you avoid being a victim of threats.

Also, avoid setting for guns with the least/cheap price because it’s not safe to entrust the safety of your life and home on a cheap firearm that may likely malfunction or misfire.

As earlier stated, choosing a firearm shouldn’t be so tough if the aforementioned factors are put into proper consideration.