The ankle has a significant function in the musculoskeletal system. The ankle distributes the weight of our body over the feet. It also provides mobility to the foot and absorbs shocks during running, jumping, and walking. If you ignore problems with this part of the body, it can affect the whole body later. Wearing tight shoes or shoes with poor quality soles can cause ankle weakness. Let’s go into more detail on this point.

Сonsequences of Wearing the Wrong Shoes

You should be attentive to the choice of shoes, especially if you have weak ankles. The systematic wearing of unsuitable shoes can lead to the following problems:

  • Pain in the foot and ankle. When the shoes don’t fit, your foot may be in the wrong position when you walk. It can overload your ankle and cause pain.
  • Gait disturbance. Weak ankles can cause the foot to twist while running or walking. Thus, when pushing off the ground, you may engage only the inner or outer part of the foot.
  • Pain in the hips, knees, and back. Since ankles are a significant part of our musculoskeletal system, their improper position affects our joints and spine.
  • Injuries. If you run regularly, overexerting your ankles can lead to muscle strains, torn tendons, etc. Even when you’re just walking, you can twist your legs because of poor balance. That also often leads to sprains and strains.

The right shoes will keep your ankle in the proper condition and save you from pain, stress, and health problems later.

How to Choose the Right Shoes

How do you choose your shoes? If your ankles are weak, buying fancy sneakers you like is not enough. You need to select walking shoes for ankle support to avoid injuries. Use these tips to buy the most appropriate sneakers.

  • Choose sneakers with good cushioning. Avoid shoes with too flat soles. The sole should cushion the impact as it touches the ground.
  • Make sure your sneakers match the natural curves of your foot so that the foot doesn’t tip to the side when you’re in active motion. If, on the contrary, you already have a foot deformity, the right shoes should compensate for it.
  • Sneakers should not be too heavy. After trying them on, walk around for a while and make sure you feel comfortable.
  • The shoes should fit close to the foot, especially in the heel area. You can twist your foot when the sneaker doesn’t fit snugly on your ankle.
  • Try to choose shoes closer to the evening. Have you ever bought shoes and they seem tight when you come home? That is because the blood rushes to your feet during the day, causing them to get a little bigger. When you try on your shoes in the evening, you will be sure they fit you properly.

Also, focus on shoes with ankles and the back of your foot support. They should prevent sprains during running or walking. However, sneakers should not be too high. During physical activity, your ankle muscles need to be slightly toned to support your ankle. Too high shoes will not allow your muscles to strengthen naturally, which is also bad for the health of your feet.

Enjoy Your Choice

As you can see, weak ankles are not a reason to give up running or long walks. The right shoes will save you from many problems and allow you to live actively. Stick to the advice above. Then you will get rid of discomfort in the legs after sports or walking. And prevent possible problems with your knees and back.