The modern online gambling market is so vast and diverse that it is sometimes difficult for beginners to understand the intricacies of game rules, bonus policies, tournaments, promotions, special conditions and other tricks. As a result, mistakes made by an inexperienced player inevitably lead to lost money, disappointment and a bad mood. To avoid this, visit and choose the best casino.

How do I start playing at an online casino?

In fact, learning the basic skills to play online games is much easier than it might seem at first glance. So that you don’t get lost in the wilderness of numerous gambling sites, our site’s editors have prepared detailed instructions on how to get started with online casino games after summarizing the experiences of testers and players. We hope our tips help you avoid mistakes and enjoy the game.


Selection of the best operator: selection criteria

Choosing the right venue is the key to success. Of course, every player strives to deposit and start playing as quickly as possible, but simply clicking on the first page that appears does not make sense. After all, you’re depositing money, so you should think carefully about what defines the casino you trust. Therefore, the key parameter of choice should be the reliability and reputation of the casino.

European gaming operators are subject to strict selection and licensing, which greatly reduces the risk of players losing money.

For more information, see Which casino is better to play?

For players wondering how to start playing at online casinos, the following information should be the basis for choosing an institution.

Regulatory Authority License Number and Email Address – The presence of this information on the casino website should be the primary criteria for selecting an institution to play for money. Information is at the bottom of the home page and is usually repeated on all other pages.

Unfortunately, only European operators can provide these data, among which we recommend the best NetEnt casinos that have all the necessary documents and a solid reputation with many years of experience in the gambling market.

Rule study

Almost every day we come across a different website with different rules and license agreements, and we’re used to checking “I’ve read” without looking. This type of negligence in gambling is unacceptable and can cost players dearly. Therefore, we took a close look at the terms and conditions section on the casino website.

On our website, in the description of each operator, you can find the rules of the game in Russian. Only after you have read and understood each point can you be sure you know how to start playing at the casino.

If any rules give you doubts or difficulties, please feel free to contact customer service. If you register through our link, we will help you with any questions, please contact us. Contact email addresses are located at the bottom of each page.

Account Registration and Verification

On the page describing the partner casinos, you will find detailed instructions on how to register for an account with one of the casinos.

We encourage you to provide truthful information, including a phone number.

Note that all carriers require account verification. The subtlety is that they accept unverified deposits and only withdraw funds from deposits to customer accounts with confirmed data.

We strongly recommend that you verify your account before making a deposit. This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance: all you have to do is provide a utility bill or bank statement.

Slot selection

If you successfully complete the first proposal, a wonderful world of roulette, card tables and video slot machines will open up before you. Detailed instructions for each game are longer than one page and are available on our website. Therefore, we will only focus on the most important selection parameters.

It is up to the manufacturer to choose the slot machine. NetEnt is by far the undisputed leader in video slot machine development. You get a fun and exciting game with various bonuses and huge variances, giving you the chance to win big with small bets.

Virtual Roulette or Live Casino? According to the unanimous opinion of our site editors, the best are live blocks with live roulette and dealers. Don’t be put off by inexperience when playing against “live” dealers: the rules of roulette are very simple, and the girls are very attentive and friendly.

The game of poker is a whole universe, and its journey must begin before the first deposit is made. For beginners, we recommend practicing free spins before betting real money.

Be sure to try the slot machines for free. With the exception of live roulette, all types of gambling can be learned in demo mode. A feature of NetEnt video slots is the operation of the random number generator, which behaves the same in free games and real player wagers. You can also play any NetEnt slot machine for free on our website, no registration required.