In the iGaming industry, you must get accurate data from reliable sources for all your gaming needs. This industry is about as competitive as it gets. You need data to play and account management systems. The data you will collect includes player statistics, gaming performance, casino trends, and more. A high-quality data source is crucial to providing these services. Here we will give you some tips to help you find the best live sports data provider for online gambling.

1. Licensing and Compliance

Legitimate data sources should be licensed with the proper authorities to operate. Check to see if the company has a current license from any appropriate authorities and that it stays up to date. For example, government agencies issue and oversee gambling licenses for online gaming operators.

To get a license, a provider must meet specific standards and regulations the licensing agency sets. These standards and regulations include technical data hygiene, cyber security, information security controls, and internal controls. If the provider has received a license, it will be listed on their website. With licensing and compliance comes trust.

Accountability is crucial in such a competitive business environment. Inquire about a data provider’s licensing history to ensure they have been operating lawfully and without incident. After determining that a company is licensed appropriately, check if your jurisdiction has vetted it.

2. Features Offered

Data providers should offer a wide variety of products. The more they have, the more they can meet your needs. Some data providers may cater to sports betting, while others will take on other markets, like online casino games and other Internet-based iGaming solutions. Ideally, you want a provider to cover your requirements to avoid hassle when making payments and switching between different companies for services.

See what data products you need from the provider and ensure the company has each type. You can get this information from their website on the data products they offer. 

3. Speed of Data Delivery

You need the data you are provided promptly so your business can stay current with trends and products. Poor quality data services will slow down your ability to process payments and provide customers with timely information regarding their accounts. You want a company that can deliver high-quality data promptly. Look for a company with data servers in your customer base’s location. This ensures data is delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

4. Costs

Data providers vary in price by size, volume, and service type. For example, you will find costs for basic data types like sports betting to be lower than the cost for live casinos or poker table games. Alternatively, if you get an integrated suite of products from the provider, your cost will be higher, but the convenience may outweigh the extra expense.

Shop around and find a price that fits your budget. Start with free trial periods if the provider offers them. This will allow you to get a sample of their service and see if it is worth purchasing. There are many options, so you should have no trouble finding a good deal.

5. Customer Service

iGaming is a high-risk business. Customers may need assistance with their accounts, game bugs, or general questions about your business. An e-mail and live chat support are excellent ways to answer these types of questions promptly and effectively.

Ensure the company has an appropriate amount of staff to handle the volume of incoming calls and customer questions daily. If your provider is not responsive, you risk losing customers, potential revenue, and game bugs that will hinder your business and the quality of your product.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to data, the more knowledge and experience a provider has, the more your business will benefit. The provider should be able to talk to you about their services in terms you can understand. They should be able to explain what kind of data is appropriate for your business needs and how it will help you reach your goals. Research is critical for discerning a trustworthy provider and discovering the type of data best suits your needs.