When your bowling ball is still new, it hooks perfectly, and you get the chills from each throw. As time goes by – 30 or so games in – you notice it doesn’t hook like a dream anymore. It is slippery, yet the coverstock was and is still the best on the market. What could be the matter, you wonder?

Well, even the best coverstock absorbs oil and dirt over time, and it needs a little love. The oil makes it a little harder to grip the lane and you will need to care better care of your prized possession if it is to give you the same service it once did.

So, how do you clean your bowling ball? You can either have it done at your local bowling alley at a few or do it yourself at home. At the alley, the ball is baked at a consistent temperature for a set period of time to remove the excess oil on the coverstock. This method usually works excellently as everything is done by a professional.

At Home DIY

Take some Simple Green Industrial all-purpose cleaner, Isopropyl alcohol, and water, and mix equal parts of the three in a spray bottle. Get a microfiber towel to wipe each part of the ball you spray. This should take care of some of the build-up and especially if it is not too much. This method is usually great for maintenance.

A Deeper Cleaner

If you feel the above method isn’t enough to get rid of all the oil, then this method is quite easy to follow. Before starting, you want to cover the holes with waterproof tape to prevent water and detergent from seeping in. while water may not ruin a good bowling ball, it could be harder to get out of the holes, which could affect your grip.

After taping the openings, add dish washing detergent to hot water – about 140 degrees Fahrenheit – to effectively remove oil from the coverstock. Cold water doesn’t quite soak up the oil. You then want to soak the ball in the water for approximately 20 minutes so the oil is removed completely. During this time, you can spin it occasionally prevent it from settling on to the coverstock as the water cools. 20 minutes is ideal – long enough to get to the oil without ruining the coverstock.

Once this time has lapsed, remove your ball and wipe it dry with a microfiber towel. The oil will have been removed completely and the grip will be reset.

Cleaning your bowling ball regularly will not ruin the coverstock as long as water temperature is ideal and you use the right towel. You can repeat this each time you notice it losing its grip, and by so doing you will be increasing its lifespan.

Additional Tips

Apart from using the right water temperature, you want to use a soft brush if you feel the need for it to protect any scratches on the coverstock. If you are a professional bowler, you may want to check whether the products you use to clean and care for your ball are USBC Approved because the body governs bowling in the US.

How Often Should you Clean your Bowling Ball?

As soon as you feel the grip isn’t what it used to be, then clean the ball. If you are especially always working with a heavily oily lane, you want to remove the extra oil more regularly. A clean and well-cared for ball will hook better, look as good as new, and it will also last longer. show your bowling ball some love!