If you want to make the most of online slots, you should use the bonuses wisely. On https://casinoslogin.com/, you will find exhaustive information on how to receive welcome gifts for registering on diverse gambling platforms. In this article, we will concentrate on the peculiarities of video slots and discuss the ways of maximizing your odds to win.

The Rules of Video Slots

The modern video slots are descendants of the fruit machines with 3 reels and 3 rows. Around a century ago, the customers of brick-and-mortar venues would put a coin inside and set the reels in motion. When the reels stopped, the client received a monetary prize in case the machine displayed 3 identical symbols in a row. Today, slots have moved online and their interface has become more complicated. Yet the basic rule remains the same: compile a combination of matching symbols and receive a monetary prize.

The outcome depends purely on luck and the random number generator. The player pushes a button and watches the reels spin. The customer can modify the sum of the bet and, if the algorithm of the machine allows it, the number of coins per pay line. But it is impossible to build a winning strategy because the result does not depend on one’s skills, experience or intellectual abilities.

Select the Slots with High Payouts

The payout rate depends on the RTP of the game. This abbreviation stands for «return to players» and indicates the ratio of funds that the slot distributes among its customers. If the RTP is 95%, the game reserves 5% of funds as the platform’s commission and pays the remaining cash to gamblers. The RTP is considered high when it equals 90% or more.

This indicator does not change over time. It remains the same regardless of the time of the day, day of the month or the device that the gambler uses to log in to their account. If the developer wants to modify the RTP, it builds a sequel to the game.

How to Check the RTP

It is an industry standard to disclose the RTP of the games. Some providers prefer to keep it secret, but this is a rare case. Proceed to the official site of the developer, find the page of the slot — and you will see its RTP.

Games with the Best Odds of Winning

Your odds to win also depend on the volatility of the slot: low, high or medium. This parameter reflects the frequency of the payouts. Games with high volatility make players wait for many days or even weeks to get a prize — but its sum will be big. Machines with low volatility allow customers to win rarely but pay them smaller sums. Slots that allow users to frequently win big prizes do not exist.

How to Check the Volatility

Just as the RTP, you can check the volatility of a certain machine on the site of its developer. This indicator is more abstract and does not have a percentage value. If you check the volatility of the same title on different sources, you will see discrepancies. For instance, some might characterize it as «medium» and others — as «medium-high».

Pick the Game with the Highest RTP

If you want to win cash prizes, play slots with a high RTP. As for the volatility, feel free to choose it depending on your character and style of gambling.

In a legit casino, the initial algorithms of the games can not be hacked or fine-tuned. Software providers regularly inspect the platforms they sell their products to to make sure the games function as intended. Plus, top casinos collaborate with organizations that carry out independent audits — their logos are normally placed in the footer of their clients’ sites. So if you are playing at a licensed project, you can be sure that your odds to win will be fair.

Sign Up to Use the Welcome Incentive

To improve your chances to win and reduce risks, sign up for a gambling platform that offers welcome gifts to newbies. Most often, the package includes:

  • free spins to a selected slot;
  • an increase of your initial deposit (or several deposits).

You will be allowed to cashout the prize only after wagering it. The wagering coefficient is considered reasonable if it is x30 or less. The contribution of diverse games might differ, so check it in advance on the Terms & Conditions page.

This package enables you to make stakes without spending too much of your own savings. You are allowed to use it only once. After creating an account in the system, you will be asked to pass the verification by sending to the administration the scan of your passport, ID or driving license. You can request your first withdrawal only after the moderators verify your personality. This is why you cannot create multiple accounts and resort to the welcome gift numerously.

Why Slots with a Small Jackpot are the Best

The machines with huge progressive jackpots do not shower the players with money. Normally, their rules are difficult and their volatility is high. You might spend thousands of dollars and never win.

The ones that offer smaller prizes tend to pay them out more frequently. To hit a big win, you do not need to place large bets. It is possible to win a handsome prize when making stakes worth just a couple of cents.

On some platforms, you can see the sum of the jackpot right on the game’s icon. Alternatively, you can visit the section of the entertainment catalog that contains jackpot slots. There, you will see the total sum of all the jackpots that are currently available. This sum might be worth millions and it changes in real time depending on people’s immediate winnings and losses. Also, you can see the titles with the largest jackpots — and opt for the smaller ones.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of online slots, the process of searching for a game that often pays big winnings might turn into a full-fledged quest. The two main parameters that you should pay attention to are the RTP and the volatility of the machine — the former should be high. The amount of the jackpot is often misleading: if a game features a huge prize, it does not mean that it will be easy for you to get it. To maximize your odds to win, you should use the bonuses — especially the welcome gifts that casinos distribute among newbies.