Sports and games are an essential part of a holistic growth story of people. Not only do people watch games for their entertainment, but it is the source of livelihood for hundreds of people. While there are hundreds of different options in games and sports, the world of NBA and basketball remains the most popular.

NBA enthusiasts often like to create highlighter videos for future appreciation. Popular YouTube channels tend to come up with such videos and share them as these are popular among their target group. Often sportspersons need to create a highlighter video to illustrate their performance while applying for a position.

In any case, you need to know how to create an NBA highlighter video. While the basics of video editing remain unaltered, there are some specific things that you need to keep in mind while preparing such a video.

Understanding Highlight Videos

What sets highlight videos apart from other sports videos is the fact that a highlight video should necessarily have clips from actual events.  In this case, the clips can be from one NBA game or multiple NBA events. There are multiple situations under which you may need to create an NBA highlight video.

  • You are highlighting the performance of a particular player and want to illustrate their performance over a period.
  • You are highlighting the key moments from a team’s winning performance. Such highlight videos will help players improve their game.
  • You are highlighting a particular type of shot played by one or more players. Such highlights are used by coaches for educational purposes.

Content Mapping

The definition of a highlighter video states that it should have only the video clips that are of utmost importance. The first hurdle in creating such a video is deciding what to add and what not to. Take time and watch all the available videos in detail. Then, follow the below steps.

  • Step 1: Identify the team whom you are focussing on. Identify shots where they performed well or took advantage of the other team’s weaknesses. Shortlist such videos.
  • Step 2: Watch the shortlisted video clips and prioritize them based on the rarity of occurrence of the sports events.
  • Step 3: Use a video editing tool to bring together such clips and create YouTube videos on the highlights. Start with the highest priority videos, so that if the video optimization dictates any time constraints, you can compromise on the lesser important ones.

Choose InVideo

While you can edit your sports video with just any video editing tool, InVideo is the one that is the best choice for you.

With InVideo, you get a wide range of export options, such as altering the video definition or aspect ratio. While filming a sports video, the action happens very quickly, and the shot may not be captured in the best setup. With InVideo, such minor glitches can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

InVideo allows you to create a sports highlight video in a few clicks. That makes InVideo the perfect choice for people who do not have prior editing experience.

With InVideo, you can integrate powerful features such as trimming, text addition, and video speed altering into your highlighter video. The tool comes with a media library that gives you access to millions of photos, videos, and other music items.

A highlighter video may be needed to be replayed over multiple situations. With InVideo, you can save your video in multiple formats and share them as required.

Tips to Create Attractive Highlights Video

Video Clip Selection

The golden rule in video clip selection is that you need to do away with all shaky clips. No matter how great a particular shot is, if the video clip is unstable, it will give viewers sea-sickness. A small shaky video clip can spoil the entire video highlight, and that is why you need to be extra cautious at the initial stage itself.

Optimize the Video Length

While the ideal length of a conventional video is 3 minutes, sports highlight videos work the best when they are of 4 to 5 minutes duration. If your sports video is too short, you will not be able to excite the audience. Ensure that you do not drag the sports video for too long, as that may cause the viewers to leave it midway.

Take an Informative Approach

You can use a YouTube video editor and create NBA game highlighter videos that come with interesting content. It can be anything from details of the players to interesting trivia about the game.

You can also consider having a narrator take the viewer through the journey of the highlights. For this, use a voiceover narration and try to have subtitles or closed captioning for the same.

Do Away with Unnecessary Edits

Sports highlight videos are mostly watched by people from sports backgrounds. This includes coaches and sports enthusiasts. Such people do not care about fancy transitions and dynamic effects. For the best reach, try to maintain clean cuts and simple transitions between the clips.

Appropriate Use of Identification Labels

A sports match involves many people, and viewers may not be able to identify the significant players all the time. That is why it is a good practice to have identification labels in your NBA highlighter videos.

Use Slow Motion

While you do not need to go for fancy editing while creating sports highlights, try to use slow motion when necessary.  The sports events can get fast-paced at crucial junctures, and this may cause the viewers to miss out on key details.

In such situations, we recommend that you edit the video to slow motion and display the scene in graphic detail. Alternatively, you can freeze certain time frames to give your viewers a better picture.


The journey to creating the perfect NBA game highlights video is a long one and can be mastered with experience. As you work your way although the InVideo, you will realize the finer nuances of this tool and use that to your advantage while creating your highlighter videos.