Golf is an individual sport. You play it by hitting a ball with a club, from a tee into the hole.

The object of the game is to get the ball in the hole, with a minimum number of strokes. Golf is a very popular sport and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. 

Some golfers can, however, get painful blisters on their hands and fingers, especially if you’re not using taylormade speedblade irons. If you get them, it can be very painful to play with the blisters. Blisters are a nuisance generally, but they are particularly troublesome on a golf course.

Golf requires a lot of finesse, and a great deal of success comes from the feel of the game. An inconvenient blister is not only painful but can cost you strokes. They generally develop on hands and feet. But you can treat them. Wondering how to treat them!!!

For beginners, hand blisters are more common, the reason is that your hand needs to get used to gripping the club. As you start playing regularly, the hand builds up calluses.

If you are still getting blisters, the reason could be that your grip is too hard or due to improper grip. Therefore, one way to avoid blisters is to loosen your grip. 

How To Care For Golf Blisters and Prevent Blisters

Tape For Blisters On Hand and Fingers

One way to avoid getting blisters, from playing golf, is to use adhesive tape.Tape the areas of your palm and fingers that are prone to blisters. Use a waterproof tape, it stays adhesive even in wet conditions and is more durable.

Medical Band-Aid To Treat Golf Blisters

If you have already got a golf blister on your fingers or palm, you can put a medical band-aid on the blister or blisters before you wrap it with tape. This helps to heal the golf blister while you golf.

The combination of tape and band-aid is one of the best ways to prevent blisters while golfing and care for the ones you already have.

Changing Golf Clubs

Unless you are using a golf club like the Callaway Epic Flash driver​ that has a fantastic grip,​ changing your grips can help in preventing blisters when golfing or caring for the golf blisters.

Some grips are harsher on your palm. Like corded grips, are founded by some, to be rougher on their hands. Therefore, some golfers prefer softer golf grips.

Golf Gloves To Prevent Golf Blisters

Wearing golf gloves can also help in preventing blisters. Go for a glove that is durable and has a soft texture, and can handle moisture and heat. The golf glove gives your hand a cushioned protection and prevents hand blisters. 

Prevent Feet Blisters

Friction causes blisters. In golf, many aspects can cause blisters. The golf shoes may not be worn very often, this means they are not as broken in as needed.

Thus, can rub on your feet and cause blisters. You can avoid getting blisters on your feet by spraying your feet with antiperspirant or using foot powder before wearing socks.

Wear acrylic socks to prevent friction. And opt for waterproof shoes that are breathable and fit you comfortably. 

If, however, you do get a blister, try keeping the skin intact to prevent infections. If the skin is broken, clean it and apply a bandage and sterilize gauze to cushion and protect.