Who doesn’t like to watch their favourite teams playing sports? And what if we tell you that you can win Sweepstakes while watching your favorite team win? Yes, you heard it right. If you are watching a match of baseball, basketball, or any other sport, there are chances to earn some easy bucks for you.

We all love to have some food and beverages while watching these games. Many leading brands like KFC, Dunkins, Kroger, Wendy, Popeye, and Taco Bell organize Customer Feedback Surveys. Those who participate in these surveys give themselves a chance to enter sweepstakes. They get an opportunity to earn some valuable prizes like gift cards, coupons, coffee, and several others. In this article, we will inform you how to enter sweepstakes while watching a game.

4 Best Sweepstakes earning Feedback Surveys:


Who doesn’t love chicken and crushers from KFC? And if you feel like to have a piece of KFC delicacies during the game, you can enter their sweepstakes as well. KFC has various sweepstakes to choose from Ultimate Gameroom, Colonel Sanders Floatie Giveaway, and many others. Some of them are limited editions, and you may not find them throughout the year or in your locality. The prizes range from KFC tees to grand prizes up to $15,000. You can know more about them by clicking here.

Tell the Bell

If you are suddenly craving for tacos during the game, head over to the Taco Bell counter to have a mouthful of tacos for yourself. Not only that, but you also allow yourself to participate in Tell the Bell survey due to this purchase. If you complete their survey, you can enter their sweepstakes. Unfortunately, if you are an employee of Taco Bell, you won’t be eligible for the survey. Click here to understand more about tell the bell survey and what else is to be taken care of before entering the survey.


Imagine while watching a game of basketball, you get a call from your mother ordering you to get some groceries. It is a golden opportunity for you to earn sweepstakes for yourself. All you got to do is go to the Kroger store in the stadium and get the groceries. The purchase receipt is the ticket to your entry at Sweepstakes by taking the Kroger Feedback Survey. You only need an internet connection and knowledge of either English or Spanish to complete the survey. You can know more about the survey here.

Tell Dunkin

Tell Dunkin Survey is organized by the brand Dunkin’ Donuts and is only available for the legal residents of USA. While the game is on, take a break and head over to their stall and buy some delicious donuts. The purchase receipt ensures that you can legally take part in their sweepstakes and win coffee for an entire year or a special prize for you to relish. Head over to this article to know about the eligibility and how to take the survey.