Asians always have concerns related to legalities for gambling on sports betting sites. Most Asian countries have well-defined regulations related to gambling online, but many others have still not clarified the laws and restrictions for gambling, for instance you can see  takläggare Stockholm has its very own. 

Once you have decided to test your luck in sports betting, it is the time when you need detailed guidance to start with the best. As you step out of your way to starting your sports gambling journey, you want to find a list of best-betting sites to find the right option for you. 

Betzilion’s catalog is there to provide you with a list of top Asian betting sites with their detailed information. You can check out the bonuses, plans, and features of all the companies and extract the most suitable option for your betting journey.    

When you try to log in to your betting account to bet online, particularly from outside of the US or UK, you can face difficulty in its access.  

Why couldn’t you get access to your bookmaker site?  

The common reason for not allowing you to access your bookmaker from abroad is related to regulations and licenses. Many online bookmakers don’t have a license to operate in every country. Not only a license is required, but also they need to meet the regulations of these countries to unblock their site at that location. 

So, if your bookie doesn’t possess a license to the country you’ve currently traveled to, the site must have been blocked in that location, and you will receive a strange message denying you access to your bookmaker.  

Use VPN to access a list of all betting sites from abroad:

The quickest and easiest way to unblock your bookmaker and bet online from any location is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This technique bypasses all types of blocks to the site either by your internet service provider or a company and helps you start your favorite sports betting any time.  


Such networks allow you to access your betting site without facing any trouble. This will not let your bookmaker even realize that you’re online from a location they have been restricted to or do not have a license for it.     

Steps to access your bookmaker from abroad: 

1. Subscribe to VPN provider plan: 

When you start searching for the best VPN providers, you will get thousands of options in front but, what do you have to do? To find the most trusted VPN provider having the best features and affordable subscription plans. According to our detailed analyses, we have found many trusted VPN providers that unblocks online betting sites smoothly while protecting your IP address to the best. The leading ones are recommendable for you that mainly include names of ‘NordVPN’ and ‘ExpressVPN.’

These two VPN providers feature an advanced encryption technology that unblocks that site outside the UK and US and masks your IP address so that it can’t be found from any methodology. They keep updating and bringing new IPs to not allow any technique to track them. 

Such providers also offer support for up to 5-6 devices at a time. Not only can you place bets online abroad but share your account with your family and friends to let them do the same with ease.

  • Nord VPN: 

It is the name of one of the leaders in the world of VPNs, the NordVPN. It is what makes you highly protected from the government. With its DNS Leak protection, 256-bit AES encryption, and enhanced performance, one can easily bypass all geo-restrictions and access their betting sites at high speeds. 

The company established in 2012 got many rewards for providing Best VPN Services. Its networks are spread in more than 60 countries having over 3,300 servers. They offer monthly, yearly, or 6-month subscription plans at affordable prices to help you subscribe to your required one.  It supports connectivity for up to six different devices. 

  • Express VPN: 

Express VPN is also what many people prefer for providing the best services. Registered in the British Virgin Islands, it has more than 3 million users. Its features are similar to Nord VPN including DNS protection, 256-bit encryption, and secrecy. 

They have a strong connection worldwide, having 1500 servers in 94 countries and still working on its increment. 


2. Download the app:  

These VPN apps are available to download on many devices: Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, etc. You can download your favorite VPN provider App on your device and enjoy betting abroad online. You will then be required to enter your preferred location from where you want to reach your bookmaker account. 

3. Get your preferred location IP address: 

Once you’re done with the details, your VPN provider will provide you with your server location-based IP address. You can use that IP address on the browser to unblock your betting site from wherever you want to do betting online. Without any restrictions or safety concerns, you can log in to your account and start placing bets.