There could be a few many challenges that mountain bikers have to face- rough terrains, steep climbs, difficult paths etc. being a few to name. Given all that, everything small or big thing that can add to the comfort of the biker would count for sure. A nice and comfortable biking shoe is one such thing. This is given the fact that as a biker, your foot will be one of the most important point of contact between you and the bike. Moreover, you will be even standing on the pedals at time, while transferring most pressure and force to your arms and legs. No wonder a good pair of biking shoes are important. Even though bikers wear all sort of shoes for this purpose, a good shoe can make all the difference between aching legs to a comfortable ride.

However, it can be really confusing for the bikers when it comes to buying an ideal mountain biking shoe which can provide some comfort to them while also lasting for years. There are a lot of brands and shoe varieties available out there in the market, after all. Due to all the variety and options available, it is becomes important that you have an idea as to what to look for. The tips discussed in this article should help you find the best mountain biking shoes for your upcoming ride plans. Keep scrolling!

Tips and points to keep in mind to find the best mountain biking shoes for you

Make and material of the product

It need not be said that one of the most important things about a biking shoe is the construction. It must not only offer you great comfort while you walk on uneven trails, but should also be comfortable as you pedal through rough terrains. For professional bikers, it can make some degree of difference in the efficiency, power and control as well.

The best of the Mountain biking shoes will be having such design and construction that would make it much easier for the bikers to walk in when compared to other standard cycling shoes. Moreover, these shoes should be having a lightweight design with a great angle and toe cut and heel protection along with a comfortably stiff sole.

Coming to sole, there are different materials available, rubber being the most common. A better choice would be a carbon sole

Another simple factor that you need to make sure to check off is the shoe being waterproof. You’ll be going off roads and through the dirt now and then, and there will be muddy trails too. It goes unsaid that the waterproof material would be easier for you to clean. The normal canvas shoes etc. would be just so much mess- the mud and dirt and God know what else, will stick around. It would make the cleaning up process a lot for you to deal with.


Of course, the shoe with the right fit is the key. There is no way that you can cruise through those rough paths on a bike with a shoe that does not properly fit your foot- in other words, is too loose or too tight, making you uncomfortable.

There are a few factors to check for the best fit-

  • Ask for the shoes that offer a better fit for your gender in general instead of looking for unisex ones. Females have narrower and smaller feet, while men have big and wide feet. Definitely, the unisex design won’t beat the fit of shoes that are designed specifically for either men or women.
  • The lays and straps can make some difference too. There are lays and velcro closure as well as cam straps with buckles. This, you can choose as per your preference and budget; just make sure when properly packed and strapped, the shoes offer utmost comfort and fit properly.

Personal preferences, requirements and budget

This is something that matters in just about every purchase you do. Have a rough estimate of your budget for the shoes. Go for decent one though; price shouldn’t be the only concern.

As for personal preferences, we also have implications for a few factors. The shoes that fit your bike pedal type is important in some cases. Also, if you have any pressure points or any injuries, you want to select the shoes that offer you the max comfort.