So… it’s time.  You’ve decided that you are done telling yourself that you’re going to get in shape and now you’re actually doing it.  Well, joining a gym can be a daunting experience.  However, joining a gym or picking up a personal training program is one of the best ways to say that you care about yourself.

If you’re anything like a human being, starting up and making the gym a habit might look, well, a little tough, or at least, overwhelming. So, here are some tips for you gym beginners to keep in mind while starting with personal training.

Choose a good gym

Gyms are now everywhere- just around every corner. While it is a great thing that fitness equipment will be accessible to more and more people easily, not all gyms can be trusted. If you are looking to get serious with your fitness and workout regime, you need to find the gym that can provide the level of training and facilities that you are looking for. To begin with, check out the equipment in the gym, the reviews of old clients, the gym’s hygiene and maybe even the client profile.

Clothing matters

Have you ever heard the saying, “a fish out of water” . . . While many people believe that wearing old clothes that you don’t mind getting sweaty is the right way to go, when heading to the gym, nothing could be further from the truth.  Think about it, just for a moment.  You are about to push your body physically.  Whether it’s aerobic or anaerobic exercise, if you’re doing it with any intensity, you are going to be straining muscles and causing a steady stream of friction on your skin.  The proper gym clothes really can make all the difference and as much of an investment as it is to get the gym membership, it is almost equally as important (if you hope to make it a habit), to invest in high quality gear.  One of our favorite places to gear up is actually listed below . . . but you’ll have to keep reading to get that info.

Choose a reliable trainer

It is immensely important that you, in your initial stage, have a well experienced, reliable personal trainer. A good and experienced trainer will know how to guide you through the initial tiring phase. He’ll know how to keep you motivated with all the right exercises and diet. Most importantly, it is crucial that your trainer is knowledgeable in the area of personal training. He needs to be able to set the right workout based on your physique and also should be able to explain the process simply to you. There are just numerous cases of fitness training gone wrong.

Warm up

Warm up is something you can’t skip, even when you have been working out for months. Warming up largely helps the body to get prepared for rigorous workout sessions. Moreover, if you jump right onto harsh exercises without warming up, you stand a very good chance of getting a gym injury. So, don’t ever skip a warm-up session at the gym. Even a proper 10-15 minute warm up before getting on to the machines or starting heavy lifting would be sufficient. Moreover, if you seem to get exhausted in the warm-up session itself, you might want to get yourself checked up first.

Have your gym bag ready

What we mean to say is have your own gym accessories and things ready. The gym is the last place where you want to borrow anyone else’s belongings. There will be a considerable amount of sweating, and you are going to be dehydrated. So, two obvious things to begin packing would a nice towel and sipper. Earplugs would be another helpful addition.

Have comfy clothing

Seriously, please don’t show up at the gym wearing tights or jeans. Wear gym shorts or pyjamas and some loose Tee. Basically, wear something comfortable.

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