The pool is one of the most impressive indoor games out there, which is enjoyed by age groups of all kinds. However, with the advent of technology and online games, people are pretty much experts in playing pool online. However, when it comes to the real deal of playing pool physically, many pros of online pool players lack the necessary skills even to hold a cue stick properly.

You might have the best pool sticks from expensive and popular brands. However, if you cannot hold the stick properly, you will probably miss your shots and lose the game. Thus, to win the game of pool, you must first learn how to hold it accurately. Here are three things you need to consider while learning how to hold:

  1. The angle you make with your pool cue and how firmly you hold it determines accuracy.

Generally, beginners tend to grip the cue stick too harshly, which results in erratic shots. You should be relaxed at all times while holding the cue stick while still being controlling. Always hold the pool cue stick at a 90-degree angle to your backhand.

  1. Practice with different types of bridging techniques.

To move cue back and forth in a straight line, you must create a bridge with your non-cue holding hand. There are several types of bridges, including a closed bridge, rail bridge, elevated bridge, open bridge, and a mechanical bridge. Among these, the most popular bridge which is usually taught to beginners is the open bridge. Once you start getting better at the pool, you should try practicing the different types of bridges and when to do each bridge during a game. For instance, a traditional rail bridge is made by players when the ball is only 4 to 6 inches away from the rail.

  1. Keep your attention on the target.

The pool is not an indoor game like table tennis, which needs a lot of physics exertion. Instead, it is a game based on strategy, concentration, and precision. Due to this reason, it is imperative that the players tune out any distractions and always keep their eye on the ball. Make sure that you have a clear sight of the ball and the subsequent shot while you are aiming. Be steady and do not rush while playing this game.

Now that we know the three essential things you must look out for, here are the steps of holding a pool cue stick correctly:

Step 1: With your dominant hand, hold the pool cue at your hip level. The backhand should ideally be at a 90-degree angle with the pool cue stick. Ensure that you do not hold the stick too firmly and have a relaxed yet controlled grip on it. You can hold the stick with your thumb and index finger and add your middle finger if you would like to have some added power. 

Step 2: Make sure that your body is in line with the cue ball, and then lower yourself to the table. With your legs slightly bent and relaxed your body toward the table so that you can see the line of the cue ball.

Step 3: With your other hand which is not holding the cue stick, make an open bridge by placing it about 6 to 8 inches (or 15to 20 cm) away from the cue ball directly on the table. Make a cradle or a bridge with that hand to balance the cue stick on your hand and make the shot. There are several types of bridges, like we discussed earlier, each ideal for specific situations. The most common and easiest bridge is the open bridge. 

Spread your fingers apart on the table and slide the cue between your index and middle finger knuckles. Slide the cue tip and adjust its height by raising or lowering the arch of your hand.

Step 5: Make sure you have a direct view of the line between the cue ball and the ball you’re aiming for, called the object ball. Lean forward and eye up the target ball and then take your shot. You should aim for hitting right at the center of the cue ball to ensure that it goes the correct way.

I am sure these steps have helped you to understand why it is important to hold the pool cue stick perfectly and how to do that. Keep practicing till you attain perfection. Do mention in comments about your journey to perfection!!