There are plenty of ways to watch television and watch favorite shows and movies. Cable TV is ideal for small and large households having different viewers with diverse needs. Plenty of cable services including Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum offer deals and money-saving offers to facilitate subscribers to watch more in less. 

However, if you are an individual and want to stream movies and TV shows on the go, Cable TV might not be as suitable as streaming TV services. If you have subscribed to streaming TV services, we assume that you also have a high-speed internet package. Nevertheless, in case, you are still experiencing playback pauses, annoying buffering icons, or slow loading, you just need to check Spectrum for awesome speed and affordable prices. 

You will not be left alone after subscribing to any of its plans. Spectrum customer support is readily available for assistance and queries to help you when the internet is not working properly. Even if you are a Spanish speaker, you can contact them anytime for assistance and queries by dialing número de spectrum. Apart from telephone support, you can also approach customer representatives through email, live chat, or social media.

No matter, whether you love streaming movies on Netflix, TV series on Sling, or binge-watching on Hulu, here are some steps that would help you improve your streaming quality. Let’s find out how you can stream seamlessly and never experience slow loading speed. 

Subscribe to High Tier Plan 

When it comes to Internet Service Providers, they usually offer low-speed to high-speed plans – catered to the needs of different users. You were satisfied with your internet speed as long as you weren’t using streaming services. 

Now that you have subscribed to streaming TV services, you have to open your wallet and upgrade your existing plan. But before you do that make sure to check the speed you get because sometimes you may face low speed for the package you have subscribed to. 

In general, at least 15Mbps speed is required to stream 4K content. However, depending on the number of devices connected simultaneously and usage, you have to opt for a higher plan. 15Mbps speed is the least you can go for. 

If you have already purchased a high-speed plan but still facing issues, you must contact customer support. They will either resolve the issue over the phone or send a technical person to figure out the problem. 

It’s Time to Buy a New Router 

Everyone loves free perks – but free things also come with an expiry date. You might be using the same old router that was provided by your service provider, but now the time has come to change. 

By changing the router, you will experience a 20% boost in your speed, plus good coverage in a big house. Moreover, you can also save some money by bringing on your router. The reason is that most of the ISPs charge around $10 to $20 per month. Invest in a good router so that you don’t have to pay any extra charges and stream anything without any lags or delays. 

If you are living in a big household and not receiving signals in all parts of your house, try a WiFi extender for greater coverage. 

Limit the Connected Devices 

There are plenty of reasons behind slow streaming and one of them is a large amount of bandwidth being consumed. The best approach is to limit the number of connected devices, especially those that are in an idle state. Even if the devices are in an idle state, some of the bandwidth is being consumed, even if nobody is using it. Make sure to limit the number of devices and disconnect them while streaming your favorite shows and movies. 

In case, there are gamers at your home, make sure to avoid streaming at the time of their gaming. Or if you are ready to pay more, you can go for fiber optics or upgrade your existing plan. 

Change Placement of Your Device  

You don’t need to move your television, instead change the placement of your Wi-Fi router. Choose the center location of your home and place your router to avoid disruption of signals and poor signals. Moreover, changing the position of antennas would also help increase the speed. 

In case, you have a big house and experience poor or dead signals, a Wi-Fi booster is also a good way to enhance your streaming. Moreover, it will help you to stream movies and shows from any part of the house. 


No matter, whether you like to stream movies on Netflix or watch your favorite shows on Hulu, as long as you don’t have a reliable internet connection, you can’t stream well. By following the given tips, there are chances that you would experience quality streaming without facing any lags, disruption, or buffering.