Are you an athlete or a basketball or volleyball player? Then here is something interesting for you. You should pay attention to this article if you are a sports lover and wanna win your game and day. Different fitness training programs are available to help you achieve your goals by giving an outstanding performance. But have you ever thought of your jumping ability or about the workouts that can improve your vertical leaps? Even though you are practicing it, you might not be able to achieve it because of following wrong principles or guidance. What to do then?

The answer is right here. The following instructions and workout ideas render the enhancement of your jumping ability that makes you go beyond the limitations. The article enlightens you with the best vertical jump programs.

Ways to Increase your Vertical Leap

A strong vertical leap helps not only in games like basketball or volleyball. It is very significant for every sport as it improves your overall flexibility and athletic performance. In your training sessions, you need to focus on workouts that can enhance your muscle strength and increase leg speed. In short, in order to get your best vertical leap, you must incorporate both strength and power training in your practice and exercise sessions. 

Some of the most effective exercises or workouts that can help you to increase your vertical jump are plyometrics, weight training, and calisthenics. 

  • Plyometrics

Plyometrics exercises include jumps, squats, hops and bounding movements that rely upon your body weight. They are one of the best ways to enhance your vertical leap. The plyometric exercises for legs make use of volatile force to build your muscles because of which you must control your plyometric workouts to twice a week. It is necessary to plan the workouts with a two-day rest between them or at least a full day rest per week.  

  • Practice depth jumps

If you want to make a high jump, give some time to practice your maximum jump. Depth jumps, which is stepping off a box and exploding up once landed on the ground immediately, teaches reaction time and activate lower body muscles. Start the exercise by standing on the ground and jump as much as you can when you touch the ground. Give a moment for you to recover, set up yourself and get back to the box. The exercise helps you to coordinate the jump, arm position, and safe landing technique. 

  • Bulgarian Split squats

It is the legs that give you the power to jump. The Bulgarian split squat renders strength to your legs while improving your balance. How to do it? Stand a couple of distance away from a bench. Place your non-working leg on the bench where the top of your foot should be on it. Stand erect with your chest up in that position by holding a dumbbell in your hand. Slowly descend till your back knee touches the ground

  Using the heel of the foot on the floor, push yourself back to attain a standing position. 

  • Weight training

Weight training is for overall efficiency. You can strengthen your leg muscles and improves the jumping abilities with weight training two times a week. By doing tap bar deadlifts, you can enhance your arm strength as well as the leg power. Weighted squats that are lifting a barbell or two dumbbells up to the shoulder and keep it on the shoulder maintain the balancing and standing position. 

  • Track your vertical jump

Every day try vertical leaps and check your progress in the jumping abilities. Repeating this will show effective progression in your overall performance of jumping and the athletic. Also tracking your day to day or week wise performance gives you an inspiration and determination to achieve more and more. So you can plan your exercises and workouts accordingly based on these records.

Always remember, jumping high is an impact activity. Not everyone is suited for the same and you may feel it is taking on your body parts, especially knees, hips, feet, and ankles. Make sure you take enough rest after the workouts and give the muscles time to repair and build them again after the hard workouts. Let challenges be your passion and determination.