How to lace skateboard shoes? This is a common question that everyone asks. Skateboarding is a lot of fun but it can be dangerous if you don’t gear up properly and you need to know how to lace skater shoes.

Maybe it’s for your skate shoe lace that you didn’t lace properly. So what could be the result? This can lead to serious injuries later in life because you can’t keep your balance properly.

The most important thing is to have different types of binding systems in your favorite Skate Shoe. If you don’t know how to lace skateboard shoes, then now is the time. Here we will show you how to tie your skateboarding shoes properly and thereby reduce your risk of injury with skate shoe lacing.

How to lace skateboard shoes 

There are many techniques for skate shoes lacing, but there are some that are perfect for tying skate shoes. And the main thing about this method of lacing skateboard shoes is that under no circumstances will it lose your shoes. Thus tying skater shoes is quite an important role in your skating.

So you don’t have to get injured as a result. Because you must be careful about the injury because it is a standard part of skating.

However, this does not mean that it will take you a week to learn this method of skate shoes lacing. You can learn how to lace skater shoes in minutes. Let’s discuss how to tie a skate shoe without a bow. If you want to know how to lace skateboarding shoes, then stay with us till the end!


  • Take the shoes in your hand, and make sure you insert your skate shoes lace in the last loop.
  • When you insert inside an islet simply pull out the two ends in lace and they will cross each other, which is basically secure.
  • The next task is to tie the skate shoes lace on the right side above the shoe lace on the left side. But the best thing is that two knots are tied together in the toe of the shoe.
  • Check if the knot length is equal.
  • Last but not least, you have to tie the baldness under the leg. And these things are the most concerned thing.


How to wear skate shoes?

There are some tricks to use when you read Skate Shoe and how to lace skater shoes is a plus. Did you know that Skate Shoe is also perfect for riding without socks? It’s just that socks make you more comfortable and don’t look too bad. But it can make you highly unstable so that you will not be able to maintain proper balance and suffer injuries.


  1. Even if you know how to lace skateboarding shoes, it is very important that you never skate without a sole. Because the sole is designed so that you feel comfortable and stable, and not just for a while. Your foot will slip without a sole, which can cause you to get injured.
  2. Check it repeatedly while lacing skater shoes. See if any further improvement is required. Then tighten it.
  3. You need to make sure that your skate is properly tied to the firm sole. This will minimize tear tissue and wear so your feet will be protected.
  4. Choose the right size for skateboarding that will keep your feet well without any kind of discomfort.
  5. And another thing does not wear skating shoes until it is completely dry.


Wear skate shoes casually:

When you wash your lace in the washing or the bath, no one can stop you from washing your lace. And the same case is during your skate shoes. You can read these casually but it is not designed for the casualty.

The manufacturers of this skate shoe have designed it for skateboarding. So it can be harmful to your shoes and as a result, these can lose their shape.

Although some people want to attract the attention of others through skating shoes. That’s right. You can go everywhere after it, including parties, gatherings. But we will not suggest that you use the shoes in this way.

It does, of course, depend on whether you can skate shoes casually. If you are a serve skater then you should never think of wearing these shoes casually. And otherwise, it’s up to you and you need to know how to lace skateboard shoes.


Lace-up vans– how to lace skate shoes

When it comes to how to lace skateboard shoes like vans, there is no other option than this. Vans are relaxed, comfortable, trendy footwear. Whether you’re a skater or not, it’s perfect for both skaters and casual people.

There are vans of different variants in the market from low price to high price. Some vans are fashion symbols but they cost a lot. Celebrities or pro skaters will be able to wear it like fashion. Let me know some points about Vance.

It is a good thing that vans can be tied in many ways. We have found some of the best options that people have liked the most in the case of Venus lacey.


The crisscross

Old Gold is perfect for Chris Cross and it will never go out of fashion. All you have to do for Chris Cross is do it on a lace leg. And it must be in the islets.

Then with the help of the opening, you have to bring the lace-up. Then there will be some remaining islets. Then all you have to do is take the lace up through the islets.


Straight Bar

We have another option. You can insert the laces with the help of the straight bar through the bottom islets. Then you have to tie it to the islet on the left side.

The next task is to write down the tang through the opposite islet. Now you have to do the same thing again in the case of other shoes.

You have to continue this until the skate shoes lace comes out on the top islets. Then the last thing to do is tie Knot’s side. The work is done.


Techniques you can use to lace skate shoes

There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to learning how to lace skateboard shoes. Let’s find out now


High arches

Many skate shoes are high heels. And it’s only designed for those who want a lot of comforts and want to minimize tightness. So you should lace skate shoes using the Chris cross pattern use. And in the end, the rest of the islets will help to tie the needle.


Feel too tight

It depends on the distribution of your shoes. Having your lace tight means you will be more comfortable and comfortable in it. With this, you will get parallel fashion which is the underneath of each opposite eyelet. Pull them out as you need them and tie them tightly.


Slipping Heel

You get absolute support from your shoes and never snag the shoes for it. It protects against slipping.

So what do you have to do with your skate shoes for this? All you have to do is keep the lacing skate shoes from the second islet to the last islet. You need to confirm that your lace has reached the final islet. Then tie it up normally.


Wide Forefoot

The next technique is for the wide forefoot. The lacing manor is closed to give you a lot of space in your toe area. So when it needs to start, you hold the lace on both sides and lace on the Chris cross manor and it will be from the middle of the foot to the front.


Narrow Feet

Those who have small foot sizes need to tighten their skate shoes a little more than normal. Not only will this protect your feet, but it will also protect you.

Skate shoes with lace protection should use the Chris cross method instead of simple crossing for short leg holders. And this is a very good method for them.

When you finish Chris cross lacing, you can make it comfortable. But you need to be fully convinced that it is too tight for you.

Wide feet

Last but not least this wide fit requires a lot of space for the feet. It is very easy to make lace tights for shoes of this shape. First, you just need to choose the Chris cross pattern, then place the pattern from the top islet to the bottom islet. Then just tie the lace when these measurements are done. Yes, the work is done.


The bottom line

So in the end we have discussed the most comfortable and secure things that will keep you safe which is how to lace skateboard shoes.

This is very useful for you, so never compromise on this thing. This will leave you with the possibility of huge losses. Although there are many more techniques and tutorials on the internet that can be said to be very stylish.

But you always have to know a secure method and apply it. Also, you can use all the methods to see which is more comfortable for you and which is more secure.

 And then if you want to know something or are confused about something, comment below. We are always by your side to help you, thank you for visiting us!