First impressions, as we may learn from the celebrated authoress Jane Austen, are that it can take a glance, a word, for someone to size you up and evaluate after a meeting. During the first meeting, the other person already has an assessment of you, all based on your appearance, body language, demeanor, mannerisms, and dress.

Every time you meet someone new, you may not know it, but people evaluate you. First impressions can make or break people’s opinions of you. As a result, they set the tone for the following relationship. 

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Be Prompt

You might meet someone in social games, activities, and gambling. However, with online gambling sites like Bet88, although you do not see each other face-to-face, it is still better to put on your best behavior. 

Someone you’re meeting for the first time will not be interested in your excuses for being late. If you arrive a few minutes early, you can allow room for flexibility due to traffic. However, arriving early is much better than a late entrance – and can help make a great impression.

You should check your connection and tech if you meet someone virtually for the first time. It would help to be careful about every detail so they are impeccable. 

Eye Contact

Another great tip is to make eye contact. It is a tried and tested technique and form of communication and can be taken as a show of honesty and respect to the person you are talking to. Moreover, it means that you are paying attention to the other person and paying them the adequate attention they are due.

Before the conversation begins, make eye contact with the other person! As the conversation continues, try to maintain regular eye contact. However, there is a massive difference between excellent and consistent eye contact and staring someone down.

According to author Leil Lowndes’ book How To Talk To Anyone, you should aim for at least 60% eye contact. The amount is a good enough measurement to indicate attentiveness without the need for aggression. 

Look Your Best

Next, you should look your best. By respecting your appearance, you message people that you appreciate them. The perfect combination for making a good impression includes impeccable manners, a neat appearance, and dressing appropriately for the occasion. These show people that you care about yourself, the impression you give, and about them. Respect yourself enough to give your appearance a few extra minutes to pull it together. However, an excellent first impression can go a long way! 

Another factor that significantly contributes to your first impression is what you wear. What you wear has bearings and consequences. Your clothing should be occasion-appropriate. If you dress too casually, people will think you are not serious about your job or appearance. It is better to overdress than underdress.

Put in The Work

Lastly, if you are meeting someone important, take the time and work to familiarize yourself more with them. If you’re playing with someone significant in gambling, you should google them. That way, you can thaw and break the ice more easily. 

Wrapping Up

In social settings, the first look is everything, even more so when you are gambling, and you meet with all these new people. Thankfully, with our tips, you can make better first impressions on people. Networking will then become more straightforward.