Do you know what it takes to become a successful high-stake gambler in sportsbook and casinos? Of course, you have to be highly professional to survive in gambling because it can quickly end your “career” even before you know it. We have successful gamblers like Edward Thorp, who believes he is unbeatable in casino card counting. Well, he is a senior math professor, and maybe he is just right. But as for you, what does it take to become like him? How do you make sure that your winnings cover up for losses (losing is inevitable)?

In as much as outcomes are never clear in gambling, you can still play idn slot and make the best out of it. Gambling is a speculative risk, yet professionals make it look like pure risk, so why not you? Here are some qualities that you can emulate to become a professional gambler and smile over sportsbook and casinos:

Positive attitude

The foremost thing, never walk into a casino, or log into a sportsbook website with a pessimist mind or losing thoughts. Professional gamblers are winners, and in fact, they don’t take losing as a loss; instead, they treat it as either bad luck or low blow. A positive mindset will not only help you in gambling but also in life, generally.

Soft-focus concentration

When playing, you need to show confidence, or if doing it online, have confidence in yourself. Being heedless isn’t the right thing in gambling. Similarly, don’t be too stiff on judgment and focus. Have a soft-focus concentration so that you can view things from a natural point of view rather than being objective. In other words, don’t concentrate much on not losing, but focus on how to maximize the winnings.


What makes most gamblers fail or rather become reckless is getting emotional when there isn’t any need to be. Well, it is painful to lose, but have in mind the casino company is smiling to the bank. The best way of treating a loss is not by staking higher to recover the lost money, but by waiting for an appropriate time, to try your charm when playing idn slot. You lose, sit back, plan, and execute. It’s called resilience, boy!

Don’t play when high

Don’t do what you see in the movies, smoking and drinking yourself out while at the table. Well, it is good to enjoy your winnings, but strictly when not playing. Don’t you want to be a professional? Well, do it like a professional and see winnings streaming your way. Alcohol, drugs, or any form of narcotics are no because they’ll easily cloud your judgment. It would be best if you were sober to weigh out the risks accordingly before placing a wager.

Tolerate ambiguity

Finally, it would help if you were tolerant of all forms of uncertainty when it comes to gambling. As said before, gambling is a speculative risk, whose outcome must include a loser and a winner. Well, the former means you walk out with nothing, but in the latter, at least you have something on top of your stake. However, you must note that at times it may never be clear on what winnings you’ll walk out with. On a good day, you may walk out with 3% winnings or 300% winnings. But importantly, you have won. Tolerate that and trust that you’ll always win big with the right mindset.