There are many people who believe that casino games are entirely luck-based. While that is true to a certain extent – it’s not possible to influence the outcome of a game once the dice are rolled or the roulette wheel starts spinning – there are definitely factors in casino gaming that you can influence. If you implement a solid strategy and follow a specific method, it is possible not only to make money from playing online roulette games, but also to make a solid profit. Here’s how you can make some money for yourself on the virtual roulette table.

Play at the right casino

There are big differences between online casino platforms; they’re not all the same, however identical they may outwardly appear. There are different kinds of online casinos and they all offer different bonuses and customer retention schemes, so it’s important to pick the right place to play roulette. We’d recommend heading to Austrian site with casino guidelines for a comprehensive beginner’s guide on which casinos are the best ones to play roulette. It pays to be informed and forearmed before going on to meet your roulette destiny, after all!

Understand the game

Not understanding the basic operation and rules of roulette isn’t going to do you any favours if you want to win big at the game. First, you need to understand how it works. A basic roulette table has two colours and 36 numbers, plus the number 0. You can place bets on any of these individual numbers, as well as whole colours (red or black), sections of numbers (i.e. 19 through 36), and other categories. Obviously, the more specific your bet, the higher the payout is likely to be, but the lower the chance is that you’ll win. It’s important to understand and memorise this.

Realize the differences between online and land-based roulette

Unlike land-based roulette, an analysis of the physics and properties of certain roulette tables is going to be of absolutely no help to you when you’re playing online roulette. While it’s certainly possible to adopt a strategy, your approach will mostly focus on your handling of your bankroll and the ways in which you bet over actually strategising in the game itself. When it comes down to it, roulette is a game of pure chance; there’s just as much likelihood of the ball landing in one area than another, unless you’re playing at an unscrupulous online casino with hidden rules and stipulations.

Have a big bankroll to start with

By making sure you start out your roulette journey with a large bankroll, you’ll ensure that there’s a sizable cushion should things start to go wrong for you. A small bankroll is just asking to be quickly taken from you by an online casino platform, so make sure that you’ve got a decent amount of money backed up. How much exactly is difficult to determine; it depends on the scale you want to bet at. However much you decide to go into your roulette plays with, just make sure you’re betting a reasonable proportion of your bankroll each time and not dipping too deep into the contingency plan part of your money.

Bet little, bet often

If you want to accrue money while you’re playing online roulette, then it’s not a good idea to make huge bets. After all, since roulette is largely a luck-based endeavour, making massive bets simply increases your chances of losing money. It’s a psychological phenomenon that gamblers frequently want to make big bets if they find themselves on a winning streak or if they believe conditions are favourable. However, the best way to make money is to bet little and often. That way, if you lose, you can walk away with a minuscule loss, while winning means you can accrue amounts over larger periods of time.

If you have money to burn, try a big bet

We know it sounds like we’re contradicting ourselves, but hear us out. Think about it this way. If you have money to burn and you want to place a big bet on a single roulette number, you stand to win a serious amount of cash from that. While it’s certainly not an effective strategy to bet big all the time, doing it once – especially if you’re not intending to stick around – could yield huge results for you. Remember that this only works if you’re betting a very small amount of times and if you don’t care about making a profit. If you put down £100 on a bet, you could stand to win a huge amount if you bet on a single number and that number turns out to be correct.

Walk away if you’re losing

It might sound counterproductive, but the biggest and most important thing to remember if you want to make money from online roulette play is to stop during a particularly nasty losing streak. Gambler’s fallacy dictates that you’re going to think “my losing streak is so long that it couldn’t possibly continue any longer”, but that’s simply not the case. It’s entirely possible for a losing streak to continue longer than you think it will; after all, probability evens out over many, many games, not just over a few. It’s important to look after the bankroll you start with and not to deplete it too much, because that’ll defeat the point of trying to make a profit.