Horse racing has its roots deeply embedded in history. In Norse mythology, Greek and Roman eras, horse riding was an ultimate source of entertainment and show of manliness, but later it became ‘sports of kings’ in British royalty. 

Sports betting have always been a cause of thrill because now you are not only emotionally invested but also economically making it the perfect distraction. But where it should give you that rushing feeling, it should not be the cause of your economic loss. Horse betting may seem easier, but it is not the case at all. You should have an idea of how betting in horse races work so you can maximize your profit all the while having the time of your life. 

There are two types of wagers; straight bets and exotic bets. Straight bets are relatively more straightforward and usually a better choice if you are a beginner. Exotic bets are for more professional people. According to one of the best horse racing tipster, straight bets are simpler and relatively less risky hence making it the go-to choice for a beginner. They don’t require much experience with a higher chance of securing a return. In a straight bet, you usually bet on a single horse. 

There are a few kinds of straight bets.

The Win bet: the win bet is when you place a bet on a horse that would end up in the first position. If it does so, you win the bet, and if it doesn’t, you lose. 

The Place bet: a place bet is when you bet on your selection to end up in the first and the second place. The place bet is at a lower cost as compared to the win bet because of a relatively higher chance of a win. 

The Show bet: a show bet is placed when you wager your selected horse to end up in the top three positions. Like place bet, more chances of winning means less payout. 

Across the Board: when you bet across the board, you are betting your horse for the above-mentioned bets also known as ‘straight combo bet’. It’s more expensive than the other bets because in 3 in 1 bet. In this, if your horse finishes first, you will get for all three bet’s money, i.e. win, place and show. If it ends up in second, you will get place and show money, and if it comes third, you will get show money. They have less profit potential. 

Win/place, Place/Show: it is like across the board, but in win/place, if it comes first you get to win and place money but only place if it comes second. In place/show, you get place and show money if it comes second and show if it ends up in third. 

For placing a bet, you should look for a human teller who is more fast, accurate and friendly and tell him your racetrack, race number, amount and type of bet and horse program number respectively. 

There are many websites like The Tipster Judge to help you in choosing the winning horse. Following their guide and instructions, you can have fun and the best time of your life.