Who could ever forget how the New York Giants wrecked the perfect season of the New England Patriots in 2007? Moreover, how the American Football League and the National Football League agreed to a complete merger that created the Superbowl in 1967. A football enthusiast would mark these events as one of the most memorable NFL moments. 

As football became a part of the American culture, more individuals became football enthusiasts. The sport became popular worldwide and more NFL moments were created. These people would purchase a ticket to watch a game in the stadium or buy some merchandise from their beloved teams. Thus, many gigs were created because of this sport.

One of the most popular gigs created because of the said sport is Fantasy football. Here, fantasy owners create or draft NFL players of their choice. After this, fantasy owners compete with one another following a format with unique rules about scoring and other related regulations. 

Choosing a Line-Up

Playing fantasy football requires a vast understanding of the sport itself. Besides this, fantasy owners should know the different players of the NFL and they should be updated about the current and upcoming games. With this information, you are prepared to create or draft your line up of choice.

In any format used in fantasy football, a player line-up would include: one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one flex, and one defense, that is a total of 9 players. Each player has a corresponding salary and upon drafting: a fantasy owner has a limit of 50,000 USD to 60,000 USD to create their desired line up. 

Each position should be filled up, as the line-up would not be processed or submitted if there is a lacking player. As much as every fantasy owner wants, they can’t draft a line up with their favorite players, since each has a corresponding salary depending on their skill and position in the game. Thus, a fantasy owner should build with compromise and strategy. 

Scoring System for Offense

The scoring system depends on the format of your football fantasy. However, the difference between these formats is the given points for an offense maneuver that is categorized. The fantasy football scoring for offense are as follows:

  • Rushing Touchdowns – 6points
  • Kickoff Return Touchdowns – 6points
  • Receiving Touchdowns – 6points
  • Punt Return Touchdowns – 6points
  • Own Fumbles Recovered Touchdowns – 6points
  • Passing Touchdowns – 4points
  • Field-Goals from 50+ yards – 5points
  • Field-goals from 40 to 49 yards – 4points
  • Field-goals from 0 to 39 yards – 3points
  • Two-point Conversion scored – 2points
  • Two-point Conversion Pass – 2points
  • Passing Yards – 0.04points
  • Receiving Yards – 0.1points


Scoring System for Defense

The scoring is the same way with the offense, the scoring system depends on the format used by the fantasy owner. The different maneuvers for defense are recorded and are given a corresponding point. The fantasy football scoring for defense are as follows:


  • Return Touchdowns – 6points
  • 0 Points Allowed – 10points
  • 1 to 6 points Allowed – 7points
  • 7 to 13 points Allowed – 4points
  • 14 to 20 points Allowed – 1point
  • 21 to 27 points Allowed – 0points
  • 28 to 34 points Allowed – -1point
  • 35+ points Allowed – -4points
  • Extra Point Return – 2points
  • Opponent-fumbles recovered – 2points
  • Blocked/Punt/Kick – 2points
  • Interceptions Made – 2points
  • Safeties – 2points
  • Sacks – 1point


Tips for Playing a Football Fantasy

Though playing this only requires a line-up, a fantasy owner should come up with a great strategy to win. It requires an extensive analysis from previous matches of different NFL players to better the odds of winning. Besides that, calculated risks should be noted to compromise and strategize. Here are some tips to win in a football fantasy.

Use Those Sign-in Bonuses

A bonus is given when a new player signs up for these formats. There are countdown clock offers, limited-time offers and there are vouchers. They are offered to better your chances of winning as a new user.

These are for the advantage of a player, but somehow, some people don’t use these bonuses. These bonuses will give you discounts upon drafting. With this, you might be able to acquire 2 to 3 all-star favorites during line-up drafting. 

Strategize During NFL Season

During the NFL season, a player’s real-time stats are converted to fantasy points, that is how a fantasy owner wins. A calculated guess based on a player’s previous performance will ease your way to victory. 

Some users base their line up according to the popularity and winning streak, but that is not always the case. Some players in the NFL are extremely talented but not blessed with a perfect teammate or the perfect strategy. Thus, considering the skills of other players despite their image can be an advantage.

Play Single Entry or Beginner Contest

A new user usually lacks strategy and experience during the football fantasy, that is why they should be vigilant in competing against others that have an advantage in terms of the two concepts. 

Most users disregard the fact that though they have created the dream team, the dream team is not always the strongest. Thus, people should recognize skill and ability over popularity and the number of endorsements. 


Fantasy football is not something you can win easily just because it is in the virtual world. Fantasy football demands understanding, strategy, and skill. It also requires calculated risks, accountability, and sportsmanship. With the right amount of these concepts, you get a better chance of advancing to the championship and be hailed as the winner.