Ever since its introduction, Lucky Jet has become a major hit of online casinos. Thousands of online users open this game on a daily basis, just to try out their luck. The character of Lucky Joe has become extremely popular among players, iconic to say the least, due to the memorable look and opportunities that it provides for players. Many users are interested in the Lucky Jet real money game because they want to become a part of this unique journey the main hero takes. There are a number of reasons why people should give this title a chance and also at least a couple of tips on how to win a Lucky Jet. 

Where To Play Lucky Jet and Reasons To Do That

When experienced players see this game for the first time, they may think that it is a simple copy of the Aviator or a Crash title, but there is a lot more than meets the eye. The UI/UX in this case is much more intuitive and clean looking. There are no airplanes in this game, only a guy with a backpack that needs help from the player to finally get to the destination point. The further the player will go, the more money will be provided by the online casino as a reward. But gamblers should be careful, as it is very important to request a withdrawal before the main hero will crash. It means the main objective is to do everything fast and react to the situation on the screen. 

Best Strategies of How to Win Lucky Jet Casino Game

There are basically 3 routes that every gambler can take in the case of this unique game:

  • Cautious approach;
  • Riskier approach;
  • Something in the middle. 

It is highly recommended for new players to be cautious, bet only small amounts of real money and withdraw them once the odds have risen to x1.1 points. Yes, in this case, it is really hard to earn a lot of money, but it will also be difficult to lose them as well. But users should keep in mind that it is possible that the situation will end up with Lucky Joe flying away even with the odds of x1.04, which means there is no guarantee that this strategy will be 100% successful. But it is indeed much more appreciated by people who are only starting their way and would like to build their approach to this title. 

For many people, the main problematic aspect of this strategy is not the small amount of money they are going to make, but rather a slow pace that does not allow them to feel the excitement this title can potentially build up. It is highly recommended to give it a chance on first a couple of tries, test the autoplay feature and only then try to risk more. Get a casino bonus on Fliptroniks.

Being Risky 

The riskier approach means that players should expect higher odds – x100 and above. It will not be a shock for experienced users to discover that this high ratio occurs after around an hour of gameplay. In this case, the simplest recommendation that can be given is to play a couple of rounds that are going to be longer than an hour and form a behavior that will allow the player to request a withdrawal right before the ratio will hit x100.

The Sweet Spot For Most Players 

It is also possible to balance between being cautious and risky. By being in the middle of both of these approaches, the gambler can manage to make enough money, while having fun from the gameplay. The simple recommendation, in this case, is to keep an eye on the ratio to be in the range of x30-x70. This is the best spot to not be worried about difficulties in the gaming process. 

The Best Time To Play Lucky Jet

There are actually no limitations in terms of when the gambler should start playing this game. The meaning of this title is pretty simple and straightforward – either have fun with the gaming processor or make money with its help. It is possible to succeed with both of these goals at any point of time because it is hard to say that this game can become outdated.