If you’re a sports enthusiast, you probably already know how important practice is when it comes to enhancing your skills and techniques. It takes hard work to succeed in any sport, and this concept works the same even for table tennis. The sport of table tennis is highly technical and involves numerous skills that can be learned with time. Training should begin with practicing alone, which is when you’ll sharpen your skills, but also you should consider checking out a review of best ping pong robot.  

Although table tennis is a two-person game, there are ways to play it alone. Doing so is an excellent method of practicing your offensive skills without getting distracted by the thought of defeating your opponent. Here are some tips you can use to practice when you don’t have anyone else to help you:

1. Get Yourself A Table Tennis Robot 

Many top athletes hone their skills by using training robots or what some refer to as ping-pong ball machines. They’re an indispensable tool that every aspiring table tennis player should utilize. Human opponents cannot repeat their ball placement, but a robot can, which will allow you to practice new strategies and perfect old ones. You’ll be able to distinguish the type of shot the robot will make, and you can opt for that specific shot over and over again until you can master a specific style of stroke.

The robot’s type and functionality allow it to deliver a variety of strokes. A tournament training session with a robot enables athletes to improve their short game, improve their topspin, and improve their reflexes among other skills. Here are a few things you might want to try during your next table tennis practice:

  • Changing the position of the robot every time will help you create more variations to the gameplay. You can adjust the angle of the shooting stick from the center to the sides of the net. You can also place the robot nearer to the net to create a different angle.
  • Be sure to use the proper footwork and stroke. For every strike you receive and handle, you should bend your knees and move your midsection.
  • Start moderately and gradually increase speed while perfecting your strokes. 
  • Use different colored balls to practice your decision-making under stress and work on your reflexes. For example, you can curl, obstruct, and hack the balls depending on their colors.

2. Use A Return Board 

Table tennis return boards may also be helpful. If you’re playing by yourself, the ball bounces back to you when you hit it toward the board. There are several different types of return boards out there that you can use to master your skills.  

Making your own return board is possible if you turn to online tutorials. This option is suitable for budget-savvy individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of money on return boards, which can sell for up to $200.

table tennis balls in the robot trainer

3. Perform Shadow Play 

If you play with a mirror in front of you, you’re better able to see what you’re doing. In the absence of a mirror, you can record videos of your gameplay and review them to examine your techniques in great detail. You’ll also get a good grasp of your strokes and improve your stance.

4. Practice Your Serve 

Playing table tennis or ping-pong involves several important aspects, including the serve. At the outset of any table tennis match, a great serve can earn you your first point. Because of this, you must devote time to learning how to do it. It’s possible to create spin with a flick of your wrist, which is the most effective way to go about it.  

It’s possible to learn several table tennis serves and ways to improve or execute all of them. Put the ball in different places, learn how to spin the ball, or avoid hitting the end line. You will significantly enhance your skills and become a worthy opponent if you practice your serve a few minutes each day.


Even though table tennis seems hard to master, that won’t be the case as long as you practice regularly. Apart from practicing, make sure to choose the right table tennis equipment, carefully maintain it, and remember to have fun. If you wish to compete in international table tennis, it is essential to know the international rules for the sport as well. Building a solid foundation for your game is important both in the short and the long term. Therefore, you should put these tips into practice during your training sessions once you’ve become familiar with them.