Improving your short game can take you out of situations where others fail. A short game is a shot made when the hole is 100 yards or less, on and off the green. A Wedge is a type of club used to play a short game. They have a high loft and short shaft with heavy club heads. Gapping your wedges according to the angle and their size at the beginning can be tricky. Following are some pro-tips if you are looking to properly gap your wedges. 

1. Number of Clubs:

If you carry your normal clubs along with a 9-iron, then your carry bag has only room for three wedges. You can have four wedges if you remove a normal club from your bag. Many pros carry four wedges when they play golf. This gives them the ability to use specific clubs for particular shots. If you are just beginning try carrying three wedges and as your game improves add an extra one. 

2. More Wedges:

You have to carry three additional wedges with your pitching wedge. Selecting a proper degree in these wedges is important if you want to improve your short game. You must know the angle of your pitching wedge, it’s normally 45 degrees. Experts suggest that three more wedges with a gap not exceeding 4-5 degrees must be in your bag besides the pitching one. 

3. Know Your Wedges:

You can also gap your wedges according to their types. There are four different types differentiated by their angles and usage;

  1. Pitching Wedge: The loft for this wedge is between 44 and 50 degrees. They are used when hitting a shot in green.
  2. Gap Wedge: The loft is between 46 and 54 degrees. They are specially used to make small shots or when you have to make a long shot in a sand bunker.
  3. Sand Wedge: The loft is between 54 and 58 degrees and as the name suggests, they are used to hit the ball out of a sand bunker. 
  4. Lob Wedge: The loft on this wedge is 60 to 65 and is not commonly used. They are ideal for a precise shot on the green. 

Gap your wedges according to their types and angles to improve your short game. 

4. Ideal Combination:

Some professionals prefer a high loft wedge as it gets the ball more quickly in the air. But many do recommend not to exceed the angle above 58 degrees. The ideal setup should be a pitching wedge of 45 degrees, followed by a gap wedge of 50 degrees. Add in the sand and lob wedge of 54 and 58 degrees to complete the set. 

5. Read before Buying:

All the manufacturers of wedges and golf clubs have extensive spec charts that can help you gap your wedges properly. Depending on your short game and experience, go through these charts before buying.

As simple as it may look, golf is a complicated sport and without the right gear, you will be highly challenged. Use the above tips to improve your knowledge on the gaping of wedges.