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Now let’s move to the original topic.

Whether it is Life or a game of basketball, everyone looks for perfection because it is the perfection in the little things that bring us the best results, and in the end it’s the results that always count. No one would remember how good you were in the court until you don’t score that basket to help your team win.

Knowing how to shoot the ball into the basket is an important part of the game, and as every other skill, this skill needs to be learned and perfected. Like every other game, this game is advancing too, and with increased competition, to win you need to be able to be accurate and precise with shooting from distances to earn those baskets for the team.

For those who say this game is for tall players only, may not be familiar with Muggsy Bogues who not only was 5’’3’ but knew exactly how to get his ball through the hoop. He learned to use his height, weight, shooting angle and movement of hands and shoulders perfectly to score every time he took a shot.

To be able to shoot correctly, you don’t need to have a tall height, with the right form and technique, you’ll be ready to tell everyone who the boss is. Here are the tips to follow to perfect your shoot:

Position Of Body Structure

To shoot perfectly, it is important to take a position that will serve the best for the perfect shoot.

  • Distance between the feet

The distance between your feet should be almost same as the distance between your shoulders, placing your feet wider than your shoulders might affect the throw.

  • Shooting foot slightly ahead

Your shooting foot is on the same side as your shooting arm, and it is important to keep that foot slightly ahead of the non-shooting foot.

  • Position of knees

Keep your knees slightly bent, so your body is prepared to take the jump anytime you decide to take the shoot. Remember, the jump during the shoot is almost as important as the angle of your body with the basket.

Correctly Holding the Ball

  • Starting of movement

Holding the ball in your hands, move it from your waist level up to your eye’s position, making sure that your eye and the ball form a straight line to the basket.

  • Elbow Position

Hold the ball with your shooting hand in such a way that your elbow is positioned straight below the ball, to give the ball the exact push it needs to go straight.

  • Non-Shooting Hand

Your non shooting hand should act as a support to the ball, to guide it straight, and may or may not use your palm, but it is preferable to use your fingertips.

Making the Jump

  • Role of your knees

With your eyes locked on the target, smoothly straighten your knees and push yourself up using your feet

  • While in the air

Just as you rise above the ground, straighten your arm and using your wrist give the ball a slight push, the force depending on your distance from the basket.

Make sure you push-release the ball in such a way that after the release of the ball, your hand ends up making a swan like shape, this indicates that your push was the perfect one.

Making a perfect basketball shoot is not easy but with these tips and practice, you can be the master you always wanted to be.