Different age groups of people take part in sports. This is an activity taken serious by a larger percentage of people all around the world. In sports, there is always the winning team and the losing team. People always enjoy them when they are on the winning side of sports. Besides, winning in sports comes with many goodies. People take part in sports because of different reasons. Some compete to earn medals or money. Also, there is that category of persons who take part in sports for charity. No matter how you do it, there is always a good thing out of it. Read on for more!

A Quick Description of What Soccer Is

There are many types of sports that people take part in. All these categories have their own rules of how people should take part in them. There is a sport where people can play alone, such as tennis, badminton, or swimming among many others. Besides, other sports need people to be in a group to play the game. Some will include soccer, basketball, rugby, volleyball, and many more. Being active in sports is a good thing.

Sometimes, students get to write a custom essay about their favorite sport. Now, if you don’t have any sport that you are good at or you take part in, what will you have to write? One should prepare earlier enough to avoid such academic failures. Here we will touch on soccer as a sport to highlight you on things that you couldn’t be aware of.

Soccer is a type of sport played by two teams at one given time. Sometimes it is also known as football. This though, can bring confusion to many people. There is another type of sport with the name of American football. The difference between them is their rules for playing. For soccer, you play foot while American football is by use of hands. So, you should be keen when referring to someone what football is.

  • Rules

The referee will ensure that the players follow each rule when playing. When one makes a foul, the referee will make a decision depending on the type of foul made. For instance, the goalkeeper is the only person allowed to touch the ball when the match is in progress. If any other person touches the ball, they get the red card from the referee. This is a way of sending someone out of the game when the match is still on.

  • Participants

Soccer has many participants. There are those people who take part in the sport by playing it, while others watch the game. The people watching the game always surrounds the pitch where the game is taking place. The only people allowed inside the pitch while the game is on are the players and the referee. Other players are outside the pitch. These are the substitutes for the players in the pitch. These players will substitute any player who gets out of the pitch due to different reasons. The referee is the only person that allows a player in and out of the pitch.

Soccer consists of twenty-two players, eleven from two teams. This will include one goalkeeper from both sides. Besides, there is a linesman to decide on which side the ball will go when it moves out of the pitch. There is always one linesman on each side of the pitch but not directly opposite to each other.

  • Scores

In soccer, teams are in a league table. Here, they will have to compete with others for the number one spot.  The team that wins a match earns three points. A draw is equal to one point for both teams. When a team loses, they don’t get any point from the match. The number in which a team appears in a league table will depend on many factors. For instance, the team that appears as number one in the table must be having higher points than the other. The goal difference is only used to determine the position of a team if they tie in points.

If You Love Sports Do It with Passion!

Nowadays, many people take sports as a business. They use it as a source of income. Many have forgotten that there are other important benefits of sports. With that, you find that such people don’t even take part in sports if it doesn’t earn them a coin. As such, they fail to exercise. This is bad, especially to the health of a human being. Remember, taking part in sports is helps improve your health. So if you don’t seem to find value in playing sports, then you have to look deeper.