The growth of the online gambling industry is increasing very rapidly as many online games have been developed. One of those games is the Andar Bahar online cash game which is highly popular amongst the casino players in Canada and the United States because of its wonderful features. Being a card game, the Andar Bahar game gives chances to players to win more and more by placing bets. Moreover, the word Andar means ‘inside’, whereas Bahar means ‘outside’.  Users can play the game easily from their mobile or computer connected to a high-speed internet connection. Hence, in this article we are giving you all the vital details regarding how to win in Andar Bahar online cash game, placing bets, payout, and a lot more.

An overview of Andar Bahar online game

The name Andar Bahar mainly denotes the style of the game in which it is played. You can play this card game solo or with friends and it allows you to earn money. The good thing about the Andar Bahar game is that it is portable and totally immersive.  

  1. ‘Andar’ mentions the left spot on the board, on the left side of the player.  
  2. ‘Bahar’ mentions the right spot on the board, on the right side of the player.  

Furthermore, some of the requirements to play this amazing online game are given below:

  1. A computer/Laptop, Mobile, or Tablet with an internet connection
  2. An account at an online casino that has Andar Bahar game on its game list
  3. For payment a deposit as well as a withdrawal method

Players can create a free account easily at reliable casinos online. After doing registration they have to make a deposit as well. Besides, there are many casinos that also offer welcome bonuses as a reward to the new players that can be used while placing the bets.

How to Play Andar Bahar online cash game

When the Andar Bahar game is played the result mainly relies on luck with a little bit of knowledge to place the bets. For the rapid-fire gameplay, a single deck of 52 cards is used and the odds of winning are 50 – 50. The main objective of the game is to select which side, Andar (Inside) or Bahar (Outside) will show the card value similar to the Joker card. So, before the betting begins, the dealer draws the joker from the deck and the bets are placed by the players. Then the dealer continues by dealing every other card to inside or outside that is Andar and Bahar. Finally, the side that first displays a similar card wins.

Top tips for improving winning chances in Andar Bahar online game

Andar Bahar online cash game is one of the fast-paced and very interesting games to play. So, to boost your chances of winning in this game, you can follow the simple tips mentioned below:

  1.     Practice –

Players can win in this game by practicing just like other card games. The game can be understood in a better way by playing it regularly and as you play, you will surely find it easy to grasp the possibility of winning with every game.

  1.     Place your bet according to the placement of the card –

This strategy helps the players to lower the house edge and increase their chances of winning. The Return to Player (RTP) rate increases to 51.5% from 50% but the likely payout will be lower to some extent. Moreover, casinos give lower payouts for disappointing the users from betting always on the similar side. 

  1.     Place small bets –

If you are the one who is playing Andar Bahar online cash game first time then you should begin the game by placing small bets.  You can stay on the game for a longer time by betting low on the game and double your bet after each loss. In addition to this, players can increase the stakes as they progress.  

  1.     Take benefit of Sidebets –

In this game, there are 4 side bets that players can use to boost the winning. For most of the bets, the payout is higher and there are probabilities as well to win more on the basis of various combinations.

  1.     For increasing the RTP of gaming sessions make use of casino bonus –

Players must make use of casino bonuses to raise the RTP of gaming sessions as it leads to winning in the long term. Also, bonuses rescue the losses and profit depending on wagering requirements linked to the bonus.

Andar Bahar online cash game: Payout

Players receive the winnings when they win the hand precisely by predicting whether the Andar or the Bahar side would have the game card. Apart from this, if a player loses the hand, then the stake will be removed spontaneously from the screen and the dealer will set it. Also, the wins on the Andar side get 90 percent, and the wins on the Bahar side get 100 percent. Winners get the winning into their account and if they want to continue the game then they can go ahead otherwise withdraw them.

Final Words

While choosing an online casino for playing Andar Bahar online cash game you must assure that the casino has an authorized license from a trustworthy gambling authority. Also, in this game, players can improve their skills by increasing the odds of winning, but the complete guarantee of winning all time is not possible. Hence, in Andar Bahar online game, the chances of winning are high if you stay sharp, manage your side bets, understand the odds, and follow the various ways that are mentioned above in the post.