In love with music! 

Writing amazingly creative lyrics is truly a challenging task. If you wish to write for radio, you may lean towards the accessible themes of life which make like more simple and easy to digest. Writing lyrics is not only about writing using good words; it is about creating that connection. Music is something that everyone relates to their life with. Sometimes the situation and sometimes the emotional connect. The poetry is as beautiful as it can be, but the question is it can be used with melody. 

Being creative especially with pop music is much more vivid, emotional, unique and effective.  You may say that there were previous songs writers who just broke peoples heart by their lyrics and make people all teary! How can those times people use to be creative? There are multiple ways that we can arrange words. Only arranging words will never work. You need to build up emotion and try to pass on the same.  Here is some interesting way to be a creative writer; check these out:-

Write using your intellect and with one emotion

 The most powerful exercise is to help you to write creative lyrics. It is always better to take help of one sort of emotion like happy, sad, soulful, love, hate, family, gathering, fun and many more to make it easier for you to get connected.  A very good exercise is to take the lyrics from a song that you are fond of, print them and then cross out every other line inserting your own words.  Think about your vocabulary as your ammunition. Use it wisely and on the best possible way to gain attention.

Before you start writing have a storyline in your mind

Just like a visual artist while writing a song, you need to create a storyline; A story that you wish to share using your own lyrics and make the mass go crazy on you. Writers’ are extremely fond of the storyline that they are creating in their mind. If you are heartbroken then it will probably help you more to connect to anyone emotion for writing.  

Start looking for stories around you. You won’t believe one fact that there are so many stories around us, a story of a bus driver, a story of a vegetable seller, an animal, a plant and a non-living object as well.  Can you uncover them out??? Well, a creative writer thinks in every perspective. For him/her the different object has different story embedded in them or it. It doesn’t have to be always tangible but you can try that if an old lady sitting in the park owns the world’s largest diamond then what she would have done?

Pick a theme and start writing 

Waiting for too much for the subject will never help you. So what you need to do is to start with your writing. For writers the subjects and the theme changes while they start with the process. New dimensions are added and new look makes there writing much more effectual.  Before you write, even in the midway, choose a theme and try to express the feeling. Go back, analyze, and correct them and again start writing about it. Best way to understand reading what you have written after an interval of time.  You need to feel the connectivity with the song and make necessary changes wherever required. Remember one thing you are the best judge of your writing, so do it perfectly and as much as possible. 

 Write using a conventional quality

It is always advisable to write in the language you are comfortable in. If English is your forte, try to tell stories based on that language. Finding a friend who can understand your writing skills is important. If you notice there will one friend in the group who is genuine is giving you the right feedback, ask him/her to read it, ask what they felt about the lines. Does it connect or just lyrics it is? Work-based on those feedbacks; set you own deadline and work on it. Try out for getting the best lyrics ideas. 

Tips: The best exercise in writing is going through line by line. You can do this over and over again in person or through a friend. Start a song, using your poetry and make it repeat in major times to feel connected.