If you are a gamer and have never heard of Twitch, let’s break that today.

In the last five years, the eSports viewership has skyrocketed. The explosion of the revenue of the three biggest eSports tournaments can easily blow your mind. This sensation has become possible largely because of the easy accessibility of Twitch, the eSport streaming platform.

Launched in 2011, Twitch is a popular online platform for streaming of video games where spectators can watch the gamers play games. Amazon later acquired it in 2014.  On Twitch, the spectators can also hear the online streaming and watch the gamers when they broadcast their gameplay. The platform’s original focus was always on video games, and gamers follow various strategies to get Twitch followers. However, when they started to expand, they started streaming TV series, artwork creation, talk shows, and music occasionally.

The increasing popularity of Twitch

In 2014, Amazon purchased Twitch and made it more popular. In North America, it is the key driver of internet traffic. In 2020, the number of Twitch users reached the number of 41.5 million, which is expected to reach the user number of 51.6 million by the end of 2024. There are scopes to earn money with the Twitch Partner program. It also gets Twitch members more services with this program, such as ad placements and paid subscriptions.

Each month, more than 7 million content creators are streaming on Twitch. As per the report of Amazon, there are more than 30 million visitors daily who watch that huge number of streaming. 

In Twitch, you can get both paid and free versions of it. While opting for the paid version, you will get a storage option, access to social streaming, ads removal.  While watching the broadcast, you will watch a split-screen alongside the game. You would see and hear the streamer in a small window in that split-screen. 

The combination of video games and online streaming across the globe has made it a new phenomenon. Twitch is not only a gaming site but a community. It provides the sense of a virtual couch, which is huge. Based on statistics, Twitch has grown fast. The number of viewers was growing to double every month.

What makes Twitch so popular?

Several reasons make Twitch so popular:

  1. Twitch offers live-streaming– Because of the live-streaming, it creates a more authentic and realistic experience. It also aids real-time communication between viewers and the streamers, creating a more authentic communication mode. 
  2. Broadcasts e-sports competition– There are millennials in Twitch who find it better to watch other players streaming rather than playing themselves. This has changed Twitch more to a gameplay theater. Therefore, we can say that Twitch has made video games truly a spectator’s sport.

Both these factors make Twitch a popular platform for its users. Since it creates an interactive platform between the streamers and viewers, sports watching becomes a realistic experience. Watching sports has been popular since the 80s, but with the surge of platforms like Twitch and its elements like interactions and live-streaming, the experience becomes more realistic and exciting.