There is no doubt that online gambling can be addictive. People might think what all casinos and other gambling sites simply care about is to make more money. However, this is not the case. Most UK casinos usually put some measures in place to help players who have a gambling problem. Most importantly, players should know there is little the casino can do when it comes to stopping chronic casino players from gambling. But, they are required to provide tools to help players get out of their addiction. Some casinos even partner with Gamstop. In this article, we will discuss the various self-exclusion option in the UK.

UK Casino Self-Exlusion – What does it mean?

Before we dive in, you should understand what self-exclusion is. What is self-exclusion? It is also known as Voluntary Exclusion. This is a measure that is put in place by an individual casino or government in order to tackle problem gambling in the UK. UK casino self-exclusion is a program where you are banned from taking part in any casino gambling activities. UK casinos that have these policies in place do authorize players to remove themselves from gambling. The UK Gambling Commission has some laid down rules governing self-exclusion at UK casinos. You can visit Gamban to learn more about how to self-exclude.

Online UK Casino Self-Exlusion

Generally, a UK casino player can self-exclude in two different ways. One of these is seeking assistance from individual UK casino. If you are gambling with a licensed casino operator, there is a responsible gambling section at the bottom of the casino page. Additionally, you can also chat the casino support to know that steps required for self-exclusion. In addition to that, you can make use of an exclusion scheme that will self-exclude you from multiple gambling sites. For instance, you can visit Gamcheck website or download their mobile software. This will let you restrict or block all gambling sites and apps on all your device.

UK Casino Self-Exlusion Options

There are different options that you can use to self-exclude from a UK gambling site. Some of the self-exclude options include contacting the casino to help you restrict or delete your account. You can also make use of a third-party website. These third-party sites include NetNanny, Gamstop, Gamcheck, Gamban, and many more. The most efficient of them all is believed to be Gamstop. This is due to the fact that all the UK licensed casinos are under the jurisdiction of Gamstop. Additionally, when you self-exclude from a UK casino, you won’t be able to access any casino that is licensed for UK players.

UK Casino Self-Exlusion – Comparing the Options

When you decide to self exclude from a gambling site directly from the casino site, you might be required to provide some personal details for verification. However, this manual way of self-excluding from a gambling site is a daunting task to do. This is because you have to self-exclude yourself individually from all the UK gambling sites. As a result, you might be discouraged in the process of self-exclusion. However, using the third-party site is usually easy. For example, if you decide to use Gamstop to self-exclude it will exclude you from all casinos that are listed there. However, you will still be able to access casinos not on Gamstop which has licenses off-shore and is not a part of the UK self-exclusion scheme.

Final thoughts on UK Casino Self-Exlusion

Though casino gambling can be fun, players can easily get addicted. The UK casino self-exclusion option is provided to help players who think they are problem gamblers. Additionally, it is up to the player to decide how long the exclusion will last. This can either be six months up to 2 years, which will give the gambler enough time to get back on track. Additionally, UK gamblers should note that self-exclusion on its own cannot set you straight. You need to be determined as you might be able to access other sites. For instance, when you self-exclude with Gamban, you can still access casinos not on Gamban.