The New York Jets are one of the famous professional football teams in the East Division of the National Football League. Also, when it comes to winning championships, this team won Super Bowl III  in 1969, beating the Baltimore Colts and stealing an upset win. 

Furthermore, the team appeared in the playoffs six times during the 2000s but has become silent for a championship run up until now, holding 1 Super Bowl win in the franchise. In addition, the team has struggled to keep their pace as they keep losing games. Over the last five seasons, they have the worst record, 23-57 in the NFL.

Despite this, many New York Jets fans still root for them, believing that the franchise can still turn things around and bring another trophy to their hometown. Now, the question is, can they pull it off? 

Phenomenal Rushing Strategy

When it comes to rushing, the New York Jets are one of the best at it. If you don’t know what a rush is, it’s a strategy known in football where at the snap, the defense will pressure the enemy quarterback leading to bad passes and opening new chances for either defense or offense.

This strategy is the central core of this team’s defense as they have phenomenal players who are exceptional at rushing. Although the team is mainly known for its offense, last season showed considerable potential for its rush pass as they averaged 1.9 sacks a game.

In addition to new players added to the roster, the Jets are trying to take it to a new level with its vast potential. So even though the NFL spreads against the Ravens may not be in their favor, it can still change if they will put this rushing strategy into good use.

Zach Wilson

Although Zach Wilson’s first year as a rookie in the NFL is full of holes, you cannot deny that he is one of a kind creative quarterback for his talent. As a result, he is the number two pick in the draft chosen by the New York Jets in 2021. With the right time and pacing, he can deliver accurate passes to his teammates, and with his creativity, he can pull it off.

However, even if he can make incredible passes, the main issue during his first year with the Jets is holding the ball for a long time. Thus, it usually leads to erratic decisions and time for the opponent to catch him while throwing the pass and close out outlets on the run. 

As stated, his passing routes are unusual. But if put into good use, it can be a deadly weapon for the Jets. As of now, the team is working hard to push Zach to further heights. So, if this young quarterback can manage his position alongside the new players around him, the hunt for a championship can be possible.

Zonovan Knight

For the franchise picking for players, most of the time, the Jets would go for drafts and trades only. But this time, they went to pick outside the pool for an undrafted player, Zonovan Knight, making him the first undrafted agent for the New York Jets. 

You might know why the Jets went out to their usual pattern for their roster but considering their choice; they’re trying to bring up their offense. Knight is a running back football player with the insane speed shown during his time in NC state. He can dodge incoming defenders in such a short period as he bursts his way for a touchdown.

With the upcoming season up ahead, including him on the roster, what an intelligent choice by the Jets as it can provide more options for the young quarterback to pick his routes and strategies in the field. If Knight can live up to his performance in previous years, it will be an exciting run. 

Promising Defense

Despite the Jets having shown light to their rushing passer strategy, the franchise has made some moves in the off-season to make their defense more threatening by adding some notable new and returning football players such as Quinnen Williams, a former third overall pick in 2019, and John Franklin-Myers, an impressive defensive tackle from last season and more. 

With such a lineup with a strong physique and knowledge on defense, it can be a threat to look out for.

Mekhi Becton Critics

Becton is one of the best offensive tackle positions for the New York Jets. With his strength and size, he can provide space in the offense for the team. Although some critics say he’s a bust due to his issues in weight and injuries, Becton is up for the challenge. If he can maintain his health and stay longer in the field, he can significantly impact the Jets.


There are many possibilities on how the New York Jets can turn out in this upcoming season. Their young and interesting roster keeps you wondering if it can be enough for the quest to end the championship drought. But, if the team can cover up their holes, their second super bowl victory is on its way.