The NBA finals are quickly approaching and there is exciting acting waiting right around the
corner. Unfortunately, for those individuals that have cut the cord, it can be challenging to
watch their favorite teams. And, this is because the games are usually shown on networks
like ABC, TNT, ESPN, and NBA TV. Three of these networks are cable networks, but that
doesn’t mean that you still have to miss out on all the action.

Official Streaming Services

If you have cut the cable cord and you still want to follow along with the NBA playoffs, you
have a number of options available to you. This is even true for individuals that are located
outside of the United States. One of the easiest ways to follow along with the action is by
investing in a streaming service. This will cost you, but there are a number of these services
available and you will have access to a number of other channels and movies. Such
streaming services that are available to you are Hulu and Sling TV. This is just to name a few,
but there are plenty more available.

Unofficial Streaming Services

Individuals that are located outside of the United States or do not have access to cable or
satellite should know that there are still plenty of options available for watching the NBA finals.
First, if you do not want to pay the monthly fee of a streaming service, you can always take
advantage of unofficial streaming services. However, you should know that these sites are not
legally allowed to stream the NBA finals, but they do so anyway. These sites are highly illegal
and are usually loaded with pop-ups, but you will get to stream the NBA finals for free. For
more information about watching the finals, you can check out it’s about the finals NBA.

Over The Air Antennas

One of the easiest and fastest ways to follow along with the NBA playoffs is by taking
advantage of an over the air antenna. Of course, this will probably only work for individuals
that are located in the United States. You can simply go online or visit your local box store and
purchase an antenna. This is something that will look like those old rabbit-eared antennas.
These devices will provide you access to a number of broadcasting channels including ABC.
There are a number of brands of these antennas available.

YouTube TV

There is a good chance that you have heard of YouTube. In fact, you have probably used the
service to watch a number of videos. However, you might not know that YouTube also
streams live sports with their YouTube TV. When you buy a YouTube TV subscription, you will
be provided access to a number of channels, including ESPN and TNT. These are two
channels that stream the NBA finals. In addition to this, when you subscribe to YouTube TV,
you will also have access to a slick DVR with unlimited storage. Just remember before you
invest in any streaming service, you want to read reviews and do research to ensure that you
get the best deal possible.