Former Browns head coach Hue Jackson went on his media tour on Friday after being fired earlier in the week by Cleveland.  He acknowledged that he simply didn’t win enough to remain as the head coach of the Browns.

Jackson also seemed to place some of the blame on rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield and not the reported “internal discord.”


“I think when you stop and look at it, it’s truly, really about Baker Mayfield,” Jackson said. “I think they want to do everything they can to put him in the situation … I mean, you got the first pick in the draft — who I think is going to be a franchise quarterback, who’s going to be a sensational player — and he’s not playing as well.

“So again, here is the perfect storm to move forward and move on.”

No Hue, it has nothing to do with Mayfield and his play.  It’s 100 percent on you.  You suck as a head coach and if Mayfield isn’t playing up to his potential, that’s on you as well.  

Look in the mirror Hue, you only won three games in two and half seasons.