Hulk Hogan settled a lawsuit with Cox Radio DJs Mike ‘Cowhead’ Calta and Matt ‘Spiceboy’ Loyd Thursday

Calta, his wife Tasha Carrega and his lawyer Keith Davidson have signed an agreement not to possess the video or leak any footage, Bay News 9 reports

Tapes show Hogan – real name Terry Bollea – in having sex with Bubba Clem’s wife Heather in 2007

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In March 2016, a Pinellas County, Florida jury ordered Gawker to pay $141million but they paid $31million and filed bankruptcy

The radio DJs settled the $110million remainder after Hogan accused them of leaking footage as part of ‘radio wars’ with Bubba the Love Sponge (Clem)

Of three tapes, Gawker published one that showed a racist rant from Hogan.  

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