The Hunter Quad is a golf course buggy from MGI’s Golf’s quad series that is designed for powerful, efficient travel around the golf course. The Hunter Quad features an ultra-powerful yet whisper quiet motor that allows you to enjoy your golf game in peace. This particular model features a simple yet unique design that will get you where you need to go on the course quickly, safely and with plenty of style. If you are looking for a more unique golf course buggy option that has as quad design, the Hunter Quad may be the right option for you.



The Hunter Quad has many features that help set it apart from other golf course buggies as well as other MGI buggies from the quad series. The following are the most significant features of the Hunter Quad golf course buggy.

  • Resettable distance measurement allows you to measure how long you are going for each drive, keep track of your longest drive, as well as tracking how long you have walked for each round of golf
  • Sturdy one piece frame
  • Adjustable handle for different heights
  • Upper bag support with straps
  • Universal battery tray
  • Whisper quiet motor
  • Standard gearbox system
  • Built in lower carry strap
  • Speed control with easy on/off button
  • 12v electrical system for reliable performance
  • Four wheel stability
  • Color electronic display with speed setting and battery level
  • Swivel and lockable front wheels with quick release
  • Quick release rear wheels for easy transportation
  • Ergonomic round handle with premium soft rubber grip.
  • Integrated solar charger compartment
  • GPS holder
  • Scorecard holder with clip

In addition to these above features, the Hunter Quad is compatible with numerous accessories from MGI. These accessories are designed to add convenience and make your golf game even more comfortable and accessible than ever before. Some of these accessories are designed for use on winter terrain, such as the winter tires. These optional accessories include:

  • Wheel covers
  • Drink holder
  • Quad travel bag
  • Cooler storage bag
  • Rain cover
  • Liquid holster
  • Umbrella holder extender
  • Sand bucket loop
  • Sand bottle
  • Relaxt Air tires
  • Belt clip
  • Rear fifth wheel (optional)
  • MGi Solar Charger
  • Winter wheels (set of 4)

Remember to check before purchasing that you are purchasing the quad series accessories that are compatible with this particular model.


It’s important to know the specifications of the Hunter Quad before you make your purchase so that you can make sure that the specifications match your preferences. The specifications of the Hunter Quad are as follows.

  • Motor: 250w motor
  • Battery: 24v 26ah HD or 12v 20ah
  • Color: White

Quality Assurance and Warranty

Like all of the high quality golf products offered by MGI Golf, the Hunter Quad comes with a quality assurance that the cart will live up to the exceptional high standards of MGI Golf. The Hunter Quad comes with a 2 year warranty that is comprehensive, so buyers can rest easy knowing that they will be protected in case their product does not live up to the high quality standards and expectations laid out by the team behind MGI Golf Remote Control Caddy.

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