The Ringer published an article entitled “Joe Johnson Is the Big3’s First God.” This was followed by: “Have you ever wondered what would happen if a seven-time NBA All-Star played in a three-on-three league against a bunch of washed retirees?” 

The writer of the piece, Rodger Sherman, tweeted out a link to the article.

The Big3 originally seemed like a way for washed ex-ballers to con fans into financing their retirements via half-assed pickup games,” writes Sherman. “Three years in, though, the league has survived and carved out a niche,” he continues. “The players are increasingly NBA-adjacent, and everyone appears generally interested in winning.” said in the article.  

That  found its way to Ice Cube, who as you probably already know, owns the Big Three. 

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He was none too pleased. 

Public Enemy’s Chuck D hopped in the conversation as well, sub-tweeting his support for Cube.

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