It may seem crazy but nothing makes your face looks sexier than a well-groomed beard. Not just the looks, you will always be taken seriously when you have a stylish beard on your face. Along with this, a good beard serves various other benefits apart from just improving the value of your face.

Besides looks, some of the benefits of having a well-groomed beard are sun damage control, warmth, prevents bacterial infections, holds moisture on the face, and many more. 

In this article, we will take a look at the various styles of beards wielded by the famous sportsmen of the world. We will also see how these beards blend with their faces and make them look attractive. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Nicknamed as Fitzmagic, the American football quarterback for the Miami dolphins earned a big hike in his lady fans. This was due to the caveman look of the beard he adopted during the 2015-16 season. His impeccably styled beard made a huge impression on his fans just like his team’s performance on the field.

He was also spotted at a post-game press conference after a great victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Here, he was dressed up in a track jacket and trendy vintage eyewear with a matching pair of boots like the ones seen at Steampunk Origins with the same caveman beard that blended awesomely with his attire. 

Source: Sports gossip

David Beckham

His elegantly bearded face has made him the proud owner of the People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2015 title. Along with the trying various hairstyles like long hair, crew cut, dreads and many more. Mr. Beckham has also teased his female fans with various beard styles like a goatee combined with a handlebar mustache. His unique hair and beard styles blend well with his personality and enhance the glamour. 

On the utility hand, the Goatee beard style is best for those who are bike riders. This style features hair on the chin and not on the cheeks. This prevents entanglement and irritation of the hair with the inner padding of the helmet and earphones and also does not require much grooming time.

Source: The new mens style

James Harden

The American basketball superstar is one of the very few people who have managed to start a trend of beard. Since 2009, James Harden has been spotted in various Beard styles which made him a symbol of ingenuity for him and his fans. 

James Harden’s most recent beard style was the full-grown beard that blended well with his face. Along with this, he maintained the beard up to the length of 5 inches. The NBA legend’s beard transitioned from peach fuzz to the fully grown version of itself.

Source: Sports gossip

Gerard Pique

The Spanish professional footballer is the heartbeat of many young ladies around the world. His artfully and finely grown beard makes his fans go wow. As compared to his previous clean shaved face in 2004, his fan base has attracted more lady fans.

In time, when he entered soccer stardom, he ditched his shaver and groomed his beard a bit. This made him bag the attention of the most popular and beautiful Columbian pop star lady. 

Source: Skysports

Brian Wilson

This former American baseball relief pitcher turned down the offer of one million dollars for shaving his beard. How epic is that? His awesomely shaped beard also has a hairstyle and is groomed so well that it perfectly aligns with his face.

The baseball legend truly deserves credit for his beard as it has been maintained by him even after it grew to a long length. 

Source: NY daily news

Bryce Harper

Washington Nationals Bryce Harper is a young face who has it all. The 23-year-old lad has great looks with a thoroughly nurtured lumbersexual beard that adds a bit of spark to his face. His beard style is the best explanation about the fact that why his female fans have increased by significant numbers.

On the other hand, he holds the record of National League Rookie of the Year 2012. Bryce Harper and his tempting looks make him the best for the new idol of the MLB League Championship Series.

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Kenneth Faried

Denver Nuggets Kenneth Faried is a great NBA player that has an elegant beard which unifies with his well-retained physique. Kenneth Faried has a well-combed and trimmed beard that goes best with his dreadlocks.

Along with this, he has it all went to his lady fans and whatever they are concerned about. Like

other bearded athletes, Kenneth Faried does not fall under the category of sexually attractive ones.

Source: Houston chronicle

Justin Turner

Justin Matthew Turner plays as a third baseman for the L.A Dodgers in the MLB (Major League Baseball). The red-colored caveman style beard is known as Turner’s signature. The red color on his fair face makes a perfect combination for offering an awesome look which he puts on during the baseball season.

The beard awesomely fills his face providing it a balanced look without any defect.

Source: Sports gossip

Brett Keisel

Brett Keisel is of the former American football defensive end player, who had a great cavemen beard. He described his beard as a beautiful thing and also encouraged his team members to grow beards. His beard awesomely blends with the color of his face which makes him look kinda ferocious in the field.

Brett Keisel beard even has a twitter and a facebook page. Keisel said that he grew his beard in order to change the team’s luck.

Source: Tribdem

Dallas Keuchel

The American professional baseball pitcher who played for Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros has an awesomely groomed beard. It was a coincidence that he started growing his beard just one day before the 2014 season and he became an ace soon after that.

He perfectly planned for his beard as it is highly unlikely that his beard would not be groomed. His beard creates a perfect curtain below the chin that beautifully aligns with his face. 

Source: Sports gossip


This is just a little list of sportsmen who have great beards. Apart from these, there are many more of them who rock their look with some awesome beard styles. Some of the beard styles are The full Goatee, The Bandholz, The Balbo, The Verdi, Mutton Chops, etc. Next time, you have to make a choice regarding the beard style. This guide will help you in adopting a new style popular among sportsmen.