Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia passionately expressed his innocence during a seven-minute news conference Thursday, a day after a 22-year-old aggravated sexual assault indictment in Texas had been reported in the media.

Patricia, like he did in a statement Wednesday night, said he was falsely accused of one count of sexually assaulting a woman in South Padre Island, Texas, during spring break in 1996.

“The truth is on my side. I lived with the mental torture of the situation where facts can be completely ignored or misrepresented with disregard to the consequence and pain that it would create for another person,” Patricia said. “I find it unfair and upsetting that someone would bring this claim up over two decades later for the sole purpose of hurting my family, my friends and this organization with the intention of trying to damage my character and credibility.

“I was accused of something that I did not do,” Patricia said. “I went through the process, and the case was dismissed.”  

“I was innocent then, and I am innocent now. Let me be clear. My priorities remain the same, to move forward and strive to be the best coach, teacher and man that I can possibly be.”

The NFL said Thursday that it would “review the matter with the Lions to understand the allegations and what the club has learned.”  I feel like there has to be some statute of limitations in this case too. 

It was so long ago, it would be hard to find any new information out there. Unless of course the girl in question sells her story to the networks. Patricia hasn’t even coached one game and he’s already stepped in it. Nice work Matty P.