A woman named Stephanie Woods is claiming to be Tristan Thompson’s side chick. After videos and photos of Thompson surfaced, showing him arriving at a hotel room in New York with a woman who wasn’t Khloe Kardashian, Woods took to Instagram to claim that she was the other woman. She shared some Instagram posts, and some snippets of a purported sex tape.   

Now that she’s done throwing Tristan Thompson under the bus, she has her sights set on Iman Shumpert. Former teammate of Tristan, who currently plays for the Sacramento Kings.  She posted a bunch of receipts, and a penis pic, just to let us know they’re more than just friends. 

Check em out below: 

These guys really need to do a better job vetting their side pieces. How could you sleep comfortably at night knowing at any moment you could be exposed? Oh well, you live and you learn. 

Shumpert’s girl Teyana responded via Twitter to the allegations, and kept things classy.